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Cold storage doors are designed to meet the demanding needs of temperature-sensitive industries. These doors provide outstanding insulation and maintain stable temperatures, making them ideal for applications such as food processing, pharmaceuticals, and other cold storage facilities. With RAX Door’s innovative design and robust construction, customers can expect exceptional energy efficiency, reduced condensation, and minimized temperature fluctuations.

Featuring high-speed operation, RAX cold storage doors ensure quick and easy access to your stored goods, resulting in reduced energy consumption and improved workflow. The doors are constructed with premium materials and come equipped with advanced safety features, making them a reliable choice for any facility. Invest in RAX Door’s cold storage doors to optimize your storage environment and guarantee the highest level of efficiency and performance.

Your Premier Manufacturer Of Cold Storage Door

RAX Door is a leading manufacturer of cold storage doors, specializing in providing energy-efficient, high-performance solutions for temperature-sensitive industries worldwide. With years of experience and a strong commitment to innovation, RAX Door has become a trusted partner for businesses looking to optimize their cold storage facilities.

Advantages of RAX Door:

  • Exceptional energy efficiency
  • High-speed operation for improved workflow
  • Advanced safety features
  • Customizable sizes and configurations
  • Durable construction with premium materials
  • Excellent insulation and temperature stability
  • Responsive customer support and reliable after-sales service
Product NameRAX Cold Storage Door
ApplicationCold storage facilities, food processing, pharmaceuticals
Temperature Range-40°C to +10°C
Door MaterialPolyurethane-insulated panels
Door Thickness100mm (standard), customizable upon request
Opening SpeedUp to 2.5m/s (adjustable)
Closing SpeedUp to 1.0m/s (adjustable)
Safety FeaturesPhotocell sensors, wireless reversing edge, emergency stop button
Sizes (WxH)Standard: 3m x 4m, customizable upon request
Frame MaterialAnodized aluminum or stainless steel
Gasket MaterialEPDM rubber
Insulation ValueR-25 (100mm thickness)
Air & Water TightnessClass 3 (EN 12426 & EN 12427)
Wind ResistanceClass 3 (EN 12424)

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    Cold Storage Doors: A Comprehensive Guide

    Cold Storage DoorCold storage doors play a crucial role in maintaining temperature stability, reducing energy consumption, and ensuring product quality in industries such as food processing, pharmaceuticals, and cold storage facilities. In this article, we’ll explore the essential factors to consider when choosing the right cold storage door for your facility.

    Types of Cold Storage Doors

    There are various types of cold storage doors available in the market, each designed to cater to specific requirements and applications. Some of the most common types include:

    Sliding Cold Storage Doors

    • Horizontal or vertical sliding options
    • Ideal for large openings and heavy-duty applications
    • Can be manually or electrically operated

    Hinged Cold Storage Doors

    • Traditional door design with a swing-open mechanism
    • Suitable for smaller openings and moderate traffic
    • Available in single or double door configurations

    High-Speed Roll-up Doors

    • Rapid opening and closing to minimize air exchange
    • Ideal for high-traffic areas and maintaining temperature stability
    • Can be made of flexible PVC or insulated fabric material

    Bi-Parting Cold Storage Doors

    • Consist of two door panels that slide apart horizontally
    • Suitable for large openings and quick access
    • Can be electrically operated for ease of use

    Sectional Overhead Cold Storage Doors

    • Door panels fold upwards and stack horizontally above the opening
    • Efficient use of space and suitable for various ceiling heights
    • Can be manually or electrically operated

    Each type of cold storage door offers its unique set of features and advantages, making it essential to carefully assess your facility’s specific needs and choose the most suitable option.

    Key Elements in Cold Storage Doors

    Cold Storage Door DrawingInsulation and Temperature Stability

    • High-quality insulation material (e.g., polyurethane foam)
    • Optimal thickness of door panels
    • Effective sealing systems

    Quote: “Proper insulation is crucial in maintaining temperature stability and reducing energy consumption in cold storage facilities.”

    Durability and Robust Construction

    • Resistance to corrosion and wear
    • Reinforced frames and door panels
    • High-quality materials (e.g., anodized aluminum or stainless steel)

    Energy Efficiency

    • High-speed operation to minimize air exchange
    • Tight sealing to prevent air leakage
    • Insulated door panels for minimal heat transfer

    Safety Features

    • Photocell sensors to prevent collisions
    • Emergency stop buttons
    • Wireless reversing edges to avoid injuries

    Choosing the Right Cold Storage Door

    Cold Storage DoorTo select the best cold storage door for your facility, consider the following factors:

    1. Application: Assess the specific requirements of your facility, such as temperature range, hygiene standards, and industry regulations.
    2. Size and Configuration: Determine the dimensions and layout of your cold storage area to ensure the door fits seamlessly into your facility.
    3. Material: Choose a door material that offers excellent insulation, durability, and resistance to harsh conditions.
    4. Safety Features: Prioritize doors equipped with advanced safety features to minimize the risk of accidents and ensure smooth operation.

    Maintenance and Troubleshooting

    Regular maintenance and prompt troubleshooting are essential for the longevity and efficiency of cold storage doors. Some best practices include:

    • Inspecting door seals for damage or wear
    • Checking the door’s balance and alignment
    • Lubricating moving parts to prevent friction and wear
    • Testing safety features to ensure proper functioning

    RAX Door: Your Cold Storage Door Solution

    At RAX Door, we specialize in manufacturing high-quality cold storage doors that deliver exceptional performance, energy efficiency, and reliability. Our doors are designed to meet the demanding needs of temperature-sensitive industries, ensuring optimal temperature stability and advanced safety features.

    RAX Door’s innovative cold storage solutions provide:

    • Customizable sizes and configurations
    • Robust construction with premium materials
    • High-speed operation for improved workflow
    • Advanced safety features for a secure working environment

    Invest in RAX Door’s cold storage doors to optimize your facility and guarantee the highest level of efficiency, performance, and safety.


    What materials are commonly used for cold storage doors?

    Polyurethane-insulated panels, anodized aluminum, and stainless steel are popular choices for their excellent insulation, durability, and resistance to harsh conditions.

    What safety features should I look for in a cold storage door?

    Some essential safety features include photocell sensors, emergency stop buttons, and wireless reversing edges.

    What factors should I consider when choosing a cold storage door?

    Consider your facility's specific requirements, such as temperature range, hygiene standards, and industry regulations, as well as the size and configuration of your cold storage area, door material, and safety features.

    Can cold storage doors be customized to fit my facility's needs?

    Yes, many manufacturers, including RAX Door, offer customizable sizes and configurations to meet the unique requirements of your cold storage facility.

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