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Electric door openers are also called automatic door openers. RAX electric door openers embody innovation, providing a range of advanced solutions for various door types. From roller shutter openers to high-speed door operators, they offer unparalleled automation to ensure smooth, efficient operation. These openers come with the promise of high reliability and robust performance in various environments.

Diversity is a strong suit of RAX openers, catering to fire doors, sectional doors, and more. Their sliding and swing door openers facilitate residential and commercial applications alike. For gates, they offer advanced sliding and swing gate openers. Lastly, their elevator door operators stand out for their seamless functionality. With user safety, convenience, and product longevity at the core, these openers represent RAX’s commitment to excellence.

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Roller Shutter Opener

Roller Shutter Operators

Roller shutter operators are often used in commercial environments where security is a top priority. They ensure the smooth, automatic operation of roller shutters, making them easy to open and close. Key features include manual override capabilities, integrated safety mechanisms, and robust construction.

High Speed Door Operator

High-Speed Door Operators

High-speed door operators are perfect for commercial applications where speed is paramount, such as warehouses and factories. They’re designed for fast, reliable operation, reducing the time doors remain open and thus minimizing energy loss. Their main features include durability, heavy-duty design, and variable speed settings.

Fire Door Operator

Fire Door Operators

Fire door operators play a critical role in ensuring the safety and security of commercial establishments. These specialized operators ensure that fire doors close securely during emergencies, helping to contain the fire and smoke within a specific area. Key features usually include fail-safe operation, compatibility with various fire doors, and compliance with fire safety regulations.

Sectional Door Opener

Sectional Door Operators

Sectional door operators are specially designed for sectional garage doors. These systems offer smooth and quiet operation, are available in various power levels to accommodate different door sizes and weights, and often include features such as soft start and stop functionality and remote operation.

Garage Door Opener

Garage Door Openers

Garage door openers are invaluable devices that provide convenience and security for homeowners. These openers come with features like remote control access, security light activation, and compatibility with smart home systems. One of the most significant aspects of garage door openers is the lifespan, which can range from 10 to 15 years, depending on the model and usage.

Automatic Sliding Door Opener

Sliding Door Operators

Automatic sliding door operators are essential for businesses that require easy, hands-free access, such as hotels and hospitals. These systems typically include sensors that detect people or objects, preventing the door from closing if the pathway isn’t clear. Other notable features include quiet operation, reliability, and energy efficiency.

Automatic Swing Door Operator

Swing Door Operators

Swing door operators are designed to automatically open and close swing doors. They’re known for their versatility, as they can be installed on various types of swing doors, including wooden, metal, and glass doors. Key features often include safety sensors, power-assisted opening, and energy-saving operation modes.

Elevator Door Operator

Elevator Door Operators

This device enhances the efficiency of elevator doors through its seamless automated operations. Its design ensures safety and durability while delivering an impressive user experience. Features: Smooth operation, reliable performance, energy-efficient design, advanced safety features, and longevity.

Sliding Gate Opener type 2 (1)

Sliding Gate Operators

Sliding gate operators are designed to automate the operation of sliding gates. These operators provide convenient access to properties while enhancing security. Key features often include obstacle detection, auto-closing functions, and remote control capabilities.

Swing Gate Opener

Swing Gate Operators

Swing gate operators automate the operation of swing gates, providing convenient, secure access to your property. These systems come with features like soft start and stop, auto-close timers, and integrated safety sensors to prevent accidental closure.

Your Premier Choice Of All Types of Electric Door Openers

RAX is a pioneering manufacturer specializing in state-of-the-art electric door openers. Weaving innovation and technology, they have secured a reputation for delivering high-quality, reliable, and performance-oriented door automation solutions worldwide.

RaxDoor: The Advantages With Us You Should Know

  • World-leading technology for diverse door types
  • Customizable solutions for different needs
  • Exceptional safety and convenience features
  • Long-lasting and robust performance
  • Comprehensive customer support and service
  • Proven track record in global markets

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    A Comprehensive Guide to Automatic Door Openers

    Automatic door openers are no longer considered a luxury. They are integral components of many residential and commercial properties, ensuring convenience, security, and energy efficiency. This article provides a comprehensive review of different types of automatic door openers, their working principles, cost, and installation processes, helping you make an informed decision.

    Types of Automatic Door Openers

    1. Garage Door Openers

    Modern garage door openers are equipped with advanced technologies, including smart home compatibility and backup batteries. They come in three primary types: belt drive, chain drive, and direct drive.

    • Belt Drive: Quieter and more expensive than chain drives, they use a rubber belt to move the door.
    • Chain Drive: These use a chain, similar to a bicycle chain, to move the door. They are affordable but noisy.
    • Direct Drive: The quietest of all, these have the motor itself move along a stationary chain.

    2. Swing Door Operators

    Swing door operators are ideal for both residential and commercial properties. They allow doors to open and close automatically, either via a push-button, remote control, or motion sensor.

    3. Sliding Door Openers

    Sliding door openers offer a sophisticated solution for homes, offices, and shops. These systems are silent, reliable, and customizable to various architectural needs.

    4. Fire Door Operators

    Fire door operators are critical in commercial settings. These door operators automatically close fire doors in the event of a fire alarm or power outage, containing the fire and smoke within one area.

    5. High-Speed Door Operators

    High-speed door operators are perfect for commercial spaces that need quick access points, such as warehouses or factories. These operators ensure fast and safe door movement, reducing energy loss.

    6. Roller Shutter Motors

    Roller shutter motors drive roller shutters, typically used in commercial establishments. They are robust, reliable, and offer a high degree of security.

    7. Sectional Door Operators

    Sectional door operators work well for both residential and commercial applications, providing smooth, quiet operation. They are easy to install and maintain.

    8. Sliding Gate Operators

    Sliding gate operators are perfect for properties with limited space. They operate horizontally and are commonly used in both residential and commercial settings.

    9. Swing Gate Operators

    Swing gate operators add an element of sophistication to any property. They are typically used for residential driveways and commercial entrances.

    Working Principle of Automatic Door Openers

    Automatic door openers rely on a simple principle – convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. Most systems include a motor, gear, control unit, and a drive mechanism (chain, belt, screw, or direct). The motor, powered by electricity, moves the gear. The control unit regulates this movement, and the drive mechanism ultimately moves the door.

    Cost of Automatic Door Openers and Installation

    The cost of automatic door openers varies widely, depending on the type and features. For instance, a basic garage door opener can cost between $150 to $300, while a high-end model can go up to $500. Swing and sliding door openers typically range from $300 to $500, with commercial-grade models reaching $1000.

    Installation costs are typically separate. Professional installation can cost from $200 to $500. But keep in mind, this is an investment in your security, convenience, and property value.

    Automatic Door Openers by RAX Door

    RAX Door is a leading manufacturer of top-tier automatic door openers. We are committed to providing high-quality, reliable, and technologically advanced solutions to suit various door types, including garage doors, sliding doors, swing doors, fire doors, high-speed doors, sectional doors, and roller shutter doors.

    Our door openers come equipped with user-friendly features, advanced safety measures, and robust construction for maximum durability. They are designed with energy-efficient operation in mind, and their silent operation guarantees minimal noise pollution. The compact design of RAX Door openers enables a seamless fit into any architecture, preserving the aesthetic value of your space.

    As a professional manufacturer, we understand the importance of after-sales services. Therefore, we offer comprehensive customer support, including installation guidance, regular maintenance, and prompt response to inquiries and service calls.

    RAX Door automatic door openers offer an unmatched blend of quality, convenience, and security. Elevate your door functionality with RAX Door – where safety meets convenience.


    What is an automatic door opener?

    An automatic door opener is a device that opens and closes doors automatically, either triggered by sensors, remote control, or a control pad. They are commonly used in commercial settings, hospitals, and residential garages, enhancing accessibility and convenience.

    How does an automatic door opener work?

    An automatic door opener uses a motor and a drive mechanism to open and close the door. Infrared sensors, motion detectors, or pressure sensors usually trigger the motor. Once activated, the motor drives a gear or belt system that moves the door.

    What are the different types of automatic door openers?

    There are several types of automatic door openers, including swing door operators, sliding door openers, fire door operators, high-speed door operators, roller shutter motors, sectional door operators, slide gate operators, and swing gate operators. The type you choose depends on the specific requirements of your door and space.

    How long do automatic door openers typically last?

    The lifespan of an automatic door opener can vary based on its type, usage, and maintenance. However, most quality automatic door openers can last between 10 to 15 years with regular use and proper upkeep.

    What factors affect the cost of an automatic door opener?

    The cost of an automatic door opener depends on various factors such as the type of opener, its features, the brand, the complexity of installation, and whether it includes a backup battery system or internet connectivity.

    Why should I choose RAX Door's automatic door openers?

    RAX Door is a leading manufacturer known for its state-of-the-art automatic door openers. Our products are designed for durability, efficiency, and optimum performance. We offer a wide range of door openers to cater to various applications, from residential garages to commercial buildings.

    What makes RAX Door different from other manufacturers?

    RAX Door is dedicated to providing superior quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. We utilize advanced technology in our products, ensuring they meet high safety standards and offer ease of use and installation. Our automatic door openers are reliable, long-lasting, and come with comprehensive support and warranty.

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