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High speed doors, also named rapid doors, are a form of automatic doors that open and close faster than the usual doors. They allow for quick entry and exit of a building or room, but also provide security. High speed doors can be used on their own, or with other types of doors, to help create an effective entranceway to a business.

The high speeds of these doors are beneficial because they allow for large amounts of traffic in a small amount of time.

Raxdoor is a leading manufacturer in china, we wholesale types of high speed doors, which can be found in factories, warehouses, cold storage, garages, hospitals, and supermarkets among many other commercial applications.

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high speed pvc door

High Speed Pvc Door

A high speed PVC door is an industrial door made of PVC material designed to open and close rapidly. It is suitable for areas where the door needs to be opened and closed frequently to maintain efficient workflow.

These doors are commonly used in food processing plants, clean rooms, warehouses, and logistics centers.

High Speed Spiral Door

High Speed Spiral Door

Also called a Rigid High Speed Door, A High Speed Spiral Door is made of interconnected slats or panels that roll up into a spiral, providing a compact storage space when opened.

This type of door is suitable for high-traffic areas, where rapid opening and closing of the door is required to maintain efficient workflow.

High Speed Stacking Door

High Speed Stacking Door

Stacking doors operate by automatically stacking on top of each other, making it convenient to store them. You can also stack them in a room in case you do not have enough space for just one door.

These doors are very easy to use and can be used as an entrance or exit to rooms.

High Speed Self Repairing Door

High Speed Self-repairing Door

These doors have a self-repairing function, meaning that they have a canvas that will retract to its original position even after the door has been subjected to vigorous force.

Self-repairing doors are ideal in areas with high human traffic or constant movement of equipment.

High Speed Rubber Door

High Speed Rubber Door

A high speed rubber door is an industrial door made of durable rubber material designed to open and close quickly.

The rubber material provides flexibility and durability, making it ideal for harsh environments and heavy-duty applications.

Horizontal High Speed Door

Horizontal High Speed Door

A high speed horizontal door is an industrial door that opens and closes horizontally at high speeds. It is suitable for areas where vertical space is limited, and rapid opening and closing of the door is necessary to maintain efficient workflow.

These doors are commonly used in cold storage facilities, warehouses, and manufacturing plants.

high speed door for cold storage

Insulated High Speed Door

These high speed freezer doors feature an insulated lining or curtain that minimizes heat loss or even condensation. They are ideal in the applications where there is a great variance of temperature at the opening of the door. This means that the temperature difference between inside and outside the room is quite big.

With this door, you will be able to meet both the temperature and humidity requirements of cold storage.

RaxDoor: Your Premier Choice Of All Types of High Speed Doors

RaxDoor is specialized in types of high-speed doors manufacturing since 2009 with rich experience in high-speed doors for cold storage, warehouse high-speed doors, spiral high-speed doors, PVC high-speed doors, metal high-speed doors, and customed high-speed doors.

RaxDoor: The Advantages With Us You Should Know

  1. Certified manufacturer: Raxdoor is a certified manufacturer of high-speed doors. This means that we have undergone the rigorous testing process needed to be certified, and we are able to offer you peace of mind knowing that your high-speed door will be safe for your business and your family.
  2. High quality: Raxdoor’s high-speed doors are made from high-quality material that is guaranteed to last for many years. With this type of door, you won’t have to worry about the door experiencing any sort of damage anytime soon.
  3. Customer service: At Raxdoor, we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service, which is why you can contact us via email or phone if you have any questions regarding our products or services.
  4. Affordable Price in China: You will find that Raxdoor high-speed doors are cheaper than other suppliers of similar products.
  5. No hidden costs: You will find there are no hidden costs or tricks with our products and services, as everything is clearly laid out on our website.
  6. Fast delivery: Raxdoor is a leading supplier of high-speed doors, we have more than 20 years of exporting experience, and we offer free delivery on all our products.

Material: Metal, PVC, or Rubber
Color: Yellow, Green, Blue, Red, and other colors
Size: Customized
Logo/Label: Customized, Can be printed on the door
Package: Export standard packaging.
Certification: ISO9001:2000, FDA , SGS
MOQ: 1 pcs
Delivery: 20 days

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    RaxDoor: Your Leading Doors Manufacturer In China

    What are the types of high speed doors?

    Here are the types of high speed doors that you will find at Raxdoor.

    • Insulated high speed door
    • High speed horizontal door
    • Fold up high speed door
    • High speed stacking door
    • High speed self-repairing doors

    What is the material for high speed doors?

    The material depends on the types of high speed doors. They include galvanized stainless steel, HPL, PVC, Rubber, and even fireproof panel. The selection of these material types ensures that the doors are resistant to corrosion, abrasion, and even rust.

    The materials should also resist rust and any other form of contamination especially if they will be used in sensitive places.

    What are the design features of high speed doors?

    Design is a vital factor when it comes to high speed doors. The doors should have a sleek design that blends well with the room.

    Their appearance is also a good indicator of their quality as they look highly sophisticated. They are also made of high-quality materials that guarantee durability, strength, and efficiency.

    What are the dimensions of high speed doors?

    The dimensions of the doors are very important in ensuring that they fit well into the space. The dimensions of the door should ensure that it is able to open and close with ease while not making too much noise.

    As a high speed door manufacturer, we customize the dimensions of the doors according to the needs of our clients.

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