Electric Roller Shutter Door

Electric roller shutter door is also called Motorized Rolling Shutter Door, or Automatic Motorized Rolling Shutter Door. RAX Door is proud to introduce our high-quality electric roller shutter doors, engineered to provide reliable security and efficiency for a range of applications. Our roller shutter doors are crafted with top-grade materials, offering superior durability and insulation, while our advanced automation technology ensures seamless operation and convenience for users.

Innovative design features make our roller shutter doors stand out from the competition. Our automated system comes with intelligent sensors and remote control capabilities, ensuring smooth opening and closing, with minimal maintenance required. RAX Door’s commitment to excellence ensures that our electric roller shutter doors meet the highest industry standards, guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

Your Premier Manufacturer Of Electric Roller Shutter Door

RAX Door is a leading manufacturer of cutting-edge electric roller shutter doors, dedicated to providing exceptional products for commercial and industrial applications. Our expertise and commitment to innovation ensure reliable, efficient, and high-performance solutions tailored to meet the needs of our valued wholesale customers.

RAX Door advantages:

  • Superior materials for enhanced durability
  • Advanced automation technology for smooth operation
  • Energy-efficient design for cost savings
  • Customizable solutions to suit specific requirements
  • Rigorous quality control ensuring industry-leading standards
  • Responsive customer support and technical assistance
MaterialHigh-quality aluminum or galvanized steel
OperationElectric, remote-controlled
Automation TechnologyAdvanced, with intelligent sensors
InsulationSuperior thermal and acoustic insulation
CustomizationAvailable in various sizes, colors, and finishes
Safety FeaturesIn-built safety mechanisms, including obstacle detection
MaintenanceMinimal, with long-lasting components
Quality StandardsCompliant with industry-leading standards and certifications

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    Comprehensive Guide to Electric Roller Shutter Door

    As the world rapidly evolves, businesses must adapt and invest in advanced security solutions. Electric roller shutters have become an essential component in safeguarding commercial properties. This article explores the benefits, features, and technical specifications of RAX’s electric roller shutters, which excel in providing exceptional security, durability, and energy efficiency.

    Benefits of Electric Roller Shutters

    Electric Roller Shutter Door

    • Enhanced Security: Roller shutters provide a robust physical barrier that deters intruders and protects against break-ins, vandalism, and theft.
    • Energy Efficiency: Insulated shutters reduce heat transfer, decreasing energy consumption and lowering utility bills.
    • Noise Reduction: The insulation also helps in dampening external noise, creating a quieter and more comfortable working environment.
    • Privacy: The shutters offer privacy from prying eyes and can be custom-designed to suit your requirements.
    • Weather Protection: Protect your premises from the elements, including wind, rain, hail, and snow, with the durable and weather-resistant shutters.

    Key Features of RAX Electric Roller Shutters

    1. High-Quality Materials: RAX roller shutters are made from premium-grade aluminum, steel, or galvanized steel for maximum durability and long-lasting performance.
    2. Customization: Choose from various colors, finishes, and sizes to create a shutter that matches your business’s aesthetics and requirements.
    3. Smart Controls: RAX offers advanced control options, such as remote control, key switch, and smartphone app integration for seamless operation and convenience.
    4. Safety Features: Built-in safety features, including safety brakes and photocells, prevent accidents and ensure smooth operation.
    5. Low Maintenance: The electric roller shutters are designed for minimal upkeep, with corrosion-resistant materials and a self-lubricating motor.

    Technical Specifications

    Electric Roller Shutter Door DrawingNote: This is a sample product specification. Actual specifications may vary depending on the chosen model and customization options.

    MaterialGalvanized Steel
    Thickness0.8mm – 1.2mm
    Max Width12 meters
    Max Height10 meters
    Motor TypeTubular Motor
    Motor Power180W – 370W
    Operation Speed15cm/s
    Control OptionsRemote, Key Switch, Smartphone App
    Safety FeaturesSafety Brake, Photocells

    Factors Affecting the Cost of Electric Roller Shutters

    The cost of electric roller shutters can vary depending on several factors. It is essential to consider these aspects when determining the budget for your roller shutter investment:

    1. Material: The choice of material, such as aluminum, steel, or galvanized steel, can impact the overall cost. Each material has its unique advantages in terms of durability, strength, and aesthetics.
    2. Size: The dimensions of the roller shutter directly affect the cost. Larger shutters require more material and labor, resulting in a higher price.
    3. Customization: Custom options, including colors, finishes, and designs, can increase the cost of your electric roller shutter. However, these tailored features can significantly enhance the appearance and functionality of your shutter.
    4. Control Options: Advanced control systems, such as remote control or smartphone app integration, may increase the overall cost but offer greater convenience and ease of use.
    5. Installation: The cost of installation can vary depending on the complexity of the project and the expertise of the professionals involved. It is crucial to choose a reputable and experienced installer to ensure a smooth and efficient installation process.

    RAX: The Ultimate Choice for Electric Roller Shutters

    When it comes to securing your business, RAX is the ultimate choice for electric roller shutters. With years of experience and a commitment to quality, RAX offers the perfect blend of innovation, performance, and durability. Our extensive range of customizable options ensures that you receive a product tailored to your unique needs.

    At RAX, we understand the importance of providing exceptional customer service and reliable after-sales support. We are dedicated to delivering the best solutions for your business, ensuring your complete satisfaction. Trust RAX to safeguard your business with our advanced electric roller shutters, and experience the difference that quality and innovation make.


    What are the primary materials used for manufacturing electric roller shutters?

    Electric roller shutters are typically made from materials such as aluminum, steel, or galvanized steel. These materials offer durability, strength, and corrosion resistance.

    What are the common control options for electric roller shutters?

    Electric roller shutters can be controlled through various options such as remote control, key switch, wall-mounted switch, or smartphone app integration, allowing users to operate the shutters with ease and convenience.

    Are electric roller shutters suitable for residential properties?

    Yes, electric roller shutters are suitable for both residential and commercial properties. They provide enhanced security, privacy, and energy efficiency, making them an excellent investment for various types of properties.

    Can electric roller shutters be customized to match the aesthetics of a building?

    Absolutely. Electric roller shutters are available in various colors, finishes, and designs, allowing you to choose a shutter that complements your property's aesthetics.

    What is the average cost of electric roller shutters?

    The cost of electric roller shutters varies depending on factors such as material, size, customization, control options, and installation. It is essential to consider these aspects when determining your budget for roller shutter investment.

    Can electric roller shutters be customized?

    Yes, RAX offers various customization options, including different colors, finishes, and sizes, allowing you to create a shutter that matches your business's aesthetics and requirements.

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