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Cleanroom doors are specifically designed to maintain the cleanliness and sterility of controlled environments, such as laboratories, pharmaceutical production facilities, and electronics manufacturing plants. These doors feature airtight seals, smooth surfaces, and non-shedding materials to minimize the risk of contamination. The seamless integration of advanced materials and technology ensures that cleanroom doors meet stringent industry standards while maintaining ease of use and functionality.

Rax Door’s cleanroom doors stand out for their exceptional performance, durability, and design. Customers appreciate their excellent contamination control, easy-to-clean surfaces, and compatibility with various cleanroom classifications. The doors’ reliable operation and low-maintenance requirements contribute to the efficiency of controlled environments. Rax Door’s commitment to providing customized solutions ensures that their cleanroom doors are tailored to the unique needs of each facility.

Your Premier Manufacturer Of Clean Room Door

Rax Door is a premier manufacturer of high-quality cleanroom doors, dedicated to providing innovative solutions for maintaining controlled environments. Drawing from extensive industry experience, Rax Door is committed to delivering products that meet the highest standards of cleanliness, performance, and customer satisfaction.

Advantages of choosing RAX Door:

  • Cutting-edge technology and materials
  • Customizable configurations for specific needs
  • Exceptional thermal and sound insulation
  • Compliance with strict industry standards
  • Easy-to-clean surfaces for maintaining hygiene
  • Long-lasting durability and reliability
  • Expert customer support and guidance
Product NameRAX Clean Room Door
Material OptionsStainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum
Door Thickness50mm (2″)
Operation OptionsManual, Automatic
Thermal InsulationU-value: 0.45 W/m²K
Sound InsulationRw: 35 dB
Airtight SealClass 4 (EN 12207)
ComplianceISO 14644-1, cGMP, USP 797
Customizable ConfigurationsSize, vision panels, pass-throughs, access control
Surface FinishSmooth, easy-to-clean
ApplicationsPharmaceutical, medical, electronics, research facilities, laboratories

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    Choosing the Right Cleanroom Door: A Comprehensive Guide

    clean room doorCleanroom doors are an essential component of any controlled environment. They maintain the integrity of the space and ensure optimal cleanliness by minimizing air infiltration, contaminants, and particle generation. This guide will provide you with valuable information to help you make an informed decision when selecting the ideal cleanroom door for your wholesale clients.

    Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Cleanroom Door

    types of clean room doors

    1. Cleanliness Requirements

    • Understand the ISO classification of the cleanroom to determine the appropriate door type.
    • Ensure the door’s materials and construction meet the cleanroom’s cleanliness standards.
    • Choose doors with smooth surfaces and seamless designs to minimize particle accumulation and facilitate cleaning.

    2. Door Materials

    • Popular materials include stainless steel, aluminum, and uPVC.
    • Stainless steel is robust, corrosion-resistant, and easy to clean.
    • Aluminum is lightweight, affordable, and has good thermal insulation properties.
    • uPVC is cost-effective, durable, and low-maintenance.

    3. Door Types

    • Swing Doors: Suitable for small to medium-sized openings, easy to install, and require minimal maintenance.
    • Sliding Doors: Ideal for large openings and tight spaces, can be manual or automatic.
    • Roll-up Doors: Space-saving, high-speed operation, suitable for large and high-traffic openings.

    4. Door Performance

    • Consider air leakage rates, pressure resistance, and insulation properties.
    • Look for doors with low air infiltration rates to maintain the cleanroom’s air pressure and minimize contamination.
    • Ensure the door is able to withstand the pressure differentials within the cleanroom.

    5. Door Automation

    • Automated doors reduce the risk of contamination by limiting human contact.
    • Consider the door’s opening and closing speed to minimize air exchange.
    • Look for doors with easy-to-use control systems and features like touchless sensors or remote controls.

    Design and Structure Features of Cleanroom Doors

    clean room door drawing


    • Sealed Construction: Cleanroom doors should have airtight seals to prevent contaminants from entering or escaping the controlled environment.
    • Smooth Surfaces: Doors should have easy-to-clean surfaces with minimal seams, joints, and crevices to reduce particle accumulation.
    • Vision Panels: Integrated windows allow for visibility while maintaining cleanliness and airtightness.
    • Door Hardware: Choose hardware made from materials like stainless steel or anodized aluminum to minimize corrosion and ensure longevity.

    How to Maintain Cleanroom Door Performance

    • Regularly inspect and maintain door components, including seals, hinges, and automation systems.
    • Clean the door surfaces using appropriate cleaning agents and methods to prevent damage and maintain cleanliness levels.
    • Ensure proper training for personnel on cleanroom door operation and maintenance.

    RAX Door: The Ultimate Cleanroom Door Manufacturer

    At RAX Door, we understand the critical role cleanroom doors play in maintaining the integrity of controlled environments. Our doors are designed with cutting-edge technology, high-quality materials, and a keen focus on meeting the strictest cleanliness requirements. We offer a wide range of door types, materials, and automation options to meet the diverse needs of our wholesale clients.

    RAX Door stands out as a leading cleanroom door manufacturer with our commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction. We work closely with our clients to provide tailored solutions that meet their specific requirements while ensuring competitive pricing and unparalleled quality. Choose RAX Door for a reliable and efficient cleanroom door solution.


    What is the purpose of a cleanroom door?

    A cleanroom door is designed to maintain the cleanliness and integrity of controlled environments by minimizing air infiltration, contaminants, and particle generation.

    What factors should be considered when choosing a cleanroom door?

    Factors to consider include cleanliness requirements, door materials, door types, door performance, and door automation.

    What are the common materials used for cleanroom doors?

    Common materials for cleanroom doors include stainless steel, aluminum, and uPVC.

    What are the different types of cleanroom doors?

    The main types of cleanroom doors are swing doors, sliding doors, and roll-up doors.

    Why is door automation important in cleanroom environments?

    Door automation reduces the risk of contamination by limiting human contact and ensures efficient opening and closing, minimizing air exchange.

    What should I look for in a cleanroom door manufacturer?

    Look for a manufacturer with a proven track record, a comprehensive range of door options, competitive pricing, and a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

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