Automatic Door Motor Suppliers in Argentina

An automatic door motor is used to control the motion of an automatic door. It can move the door to open and close.

There are several verified manufacturers and suppliers of sliding door motors, Swing door motors, roll shutter motors, liftgate motors and sectional door motors in Argentina, We have compiled the automatic door motor companies list for you to pick.

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Best Suppliers of Automatic Door Motors and Openers in Argentina

Controll Automation SA

Automatic Door Motor Supplier in Argentina - Controll Automation SASource:

Our headquarters is located in the city of Mar del Plata, for more than 24 years we have been dedicated to offering the best systems to automate all types of openings, barriers, automatic doors, curtains, etc.

We combine the technology of leading countries in terms of automation with advanced electronics developed by our firm, which allows us to offer the best quality, price and service. We supply our products to Companies and Installers throughout the country.

Main products:

  • Sliding door motor
  • Swing door motor
  • Sectional door motor

Headquarters: 1° de Mayo 454, B7600EQJ Mar del Plata, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina

FHautomatizacion de Portones

Automatic Door Motor Supplier in Argentina - FHautomatizacion de PortonesSource:

We work with sliding and lift systems, we manufacture and install custom gates with the best quality materials. We manufacture and offer our clients a wide variety of metal curtains, custom created to best meet the needs of customers’.

We are mainly dedicated to the commercialization and distribution of automation for gates, we work with the main brands in the market, always offering the best quality and best price in the country. We also sell manual and automatic sliding and lift gates and metal curtains.

Main products:

  • Motors for sliding gates
  • Liftgate Motors
  • Swing Gate Motors

Headquarters: Av. Fuerza Aerea Argentina 4005, X5010 Córdoba, Argentina

PPA Digital


Every year that begins, PPA Digital renews with its clients the commitment to innovate and offer solutions that improve daily life. Focused on this, at PPA Digital, we prepare for new challenges, with the awareness that only through good quality, technology and customer engagement can continue to be a benchmark brand in the market.

The quality of the products, as well as the manufacturing process, are recognized by the market through a long path. Garantia it is that PPA Digital is the first company in the segment to have a management and quality system with electrical safety certification.


  • Providing SAFETY AND COMFORT to the users.
  • To become the national benchmark for automatic doors.
  • Quality, Commitment to our direct customers

Headquarters: Chacabuco 464, C1069 AAJ, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Nyken Argentina S.A.

Automatic Door Motor Supplier in Argentina - Nyken Argentina S.A.Source:

Nyken Automatización is an Argentine company, specialized in the manufacture of automation for gates with a high added value in technology and service. Nyken equipment, in addition to being simple to install and use, is of excellent quality, adapting to the demands of Argentine homes.

All equipment is designed and manufactured in its entirety at the plant located in the town of San Justo, province of Buenos Aires. The company has a research and development area that makes possible the constant improvement of established standards and innovation, in order to offer effective solutions to each type of client.

Main products:

  • Lifting Automation
  • Sliding Automation
  • Swing Automation
  • Aerial Sliding Automation
  • Electronics

Headquarters: Dra. Alicia Moreau de Justo 4328, B1751BNJ La Tablada, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina


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Best Suppliers of Automatic Door Motors and Openers in Argentina

  1. Controll Automation SA
  2. FHautomatizacion de Portones
  3. PPA Digital
  4. Nyken Argentina S.A.

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