Commercial Door Manufacturers & Suppliers in Colombia

Commercial doors, also commonly referred to as industrial doors, are usually more durable than residential doors. This allows them to withstand heavy traffic and abuse. Commercial doors also have to comply with stricter building codes, such as those that provide fire protection, safe egress, and accessibility for the handicapped.

Are you in search of the top commercial doors in Colombia? Check out our meticulously compiled list of the best commercial doors manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers.

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6 Best Commercial Door Suppliers in Colombia

Prefabricated Garages SAS

Colombian Commercial Door Manufacturer - Prefabricated Garages SASSource:

We are a company with more than 22 years of experience dedicated to the distribution and commercialization of Residential and Industrial Garage Doors, Residential and Industrial Motors, Accessories, and Spare Parts. In addition to providing Installation, Maintenance, and After-sales service to all our products for the industrial sector.

SAS PREFABRICATED GARAGES trusts the quality of the products it sells because these are manufactured with high-quality standards, 100% of our products are checked before leaving the factory. However, in the event that a product may present a defect. We have available communication channels for guarantee processes that are available to customers for their use. In addition, we have the support of all our international manufacturers, and we comply with the quality and technical suitability for the development of this activity within Colombian territory.

Headquarters: Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia


Colombian Commercial Door Manufacturer - PORTECOSource:

At PORTECO we provide products related to the area of ​​automation and access control, focused on quality and timely service. Founded in 1986 with more than 30 years of experience, we have achieved solidity and prestige “welcoming thousands of Colombians” in their homes, buildings, shopping centers, and industries and serving as suppliers of Nice equipment (world leaders in access technology) to innumerable door manufacturing companies nationwide.

Main products:

  • Electric doors
  • High-Speed doors
  • Curtains
  • electrical barriers
  • Electric Door Motors

Headquarters: Bogotá, Cundinamarca, Colombia

IVEGAS Punto Fábrica

Colombian Commercial Door Manufacturer - IVEGAS Punto Fá

Villegas y Villegas Ivegas SAS is a company with more than 62 years of Experience dedicated to manufacturing, importing, distributing, installing and maintaining all kinds of electric doors and automated access solutions.

On a daily basis, we strengthen our commercial alliances with the world’s leading companies in the automation and special doors sector, thus achieving exclusive distribution agreements for Colombia with brands such as: FAAC Spa, Gilgen Door System, Boon Edam, Digicon, Coil, among others. others. All this in order to provide the most demanding needs of our customers with the highest quality and state-of-the-art technology.

Main products:

  • Systems for pedestrian access
  • Fire Doors
  • Systems for Industrial and Commercial access
  • Vehicle access systems
  • Motors for vehicular doors
  • Electronic Lock System

Headquarters: 80, Cra. 65 ##79, Bogotá, Colombia

Innomatik innovation & Technology

Colombian Commercial Door Manufacturer - Innomatik innovation & TechnologySource:

Innomatik innovation & Technology, We are a Colombian company that provides solutions in the market of access automation systems. We represent the multinational company ENTREMATIC (which is part of the ASSA-ABLOY group) with its DITEC automation line, recognized worldwide for handling high-quality standards and a wide range of residential, commercial, and industrial products.

We specialize in automatic doors and our corporate pillars are innovation, the use of cutting-edge technologies, and respect for the environment. On the other hand, we have excellent after-sales support and timely technical service, in order to ensure the total satisfaction of our customers.

Main products:

  • Automatic Sliding Door
  • Hospital Gate
  • Automatic Swing Door

Headquarters: Bogota, DC – Colombia

Puerta Enrollable

Colombian Commercial Door Manufacturer - Puerta EnrollableSource:

Colombian company in the design of rolling doors with US technology. that seeks to offer its clients and collaborators the best quality and safety standards at their doors.

At Rolling Door Colombia we have the vision of being the company with the greatest contribution to innovation in the construction of doors, enclosures, and rolling structures.

Main products:

  • Solid Shutter Doors
  • Micro-perforated Shutter Doors
  • Grille Shutter Doors

Headquarters: Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia

Portones Eléctricos Bucaramanga

Colombian Commercial Door Manufacturer - Portones Eléctricos BucaramangaSource:

We have at your disposal an Excellent Portfolio of Electric Doors, Automatic Doors, and electric garages in Bucaramanga. The manufacture and sale of electric gates and electric garage doors are of the best quality.


  • We have Our services throughout Colombia
  • We have a team of highly certified and competent professionals
  • provide the best service

Main products:

  • Swing Gates
  • sliding gates
  • Rolling Doors
  • Sectional Gates
  • Fire Doors

Headquarters: Bucaramanga, Santander, Colombia


Finding a reputable supplier is no joke. Hopefully, we were able to provide you with a trusted source of commercial doors.
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6 Best Commercial Door Manufacturers & Suppliers in Colombia

  1. Prefabricated Garages SAS
  3. IVEGAS Punto Fábrica
  4. Innomatik innovation & Technology
  5. Puerta Enrollable
  6. Portones Eléctricos Bucaramanga

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