Fire Door Suppliers in Norway

There are types of fire doors, such as fire-rated doors, fire exit doors, fire shutter doors and fire curtains.

If you want to know which fire door suppliers and distributors in Norway are the industry leaders, this is the right place for you. We have compiled the best fire door companies for you.

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The Best Fire Door Suppliers in Norway

Rapp Bomek

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Rapp Bomek is a global leader in the design, development and manufacturing of advanced door, window and wall safety solutions for global markets. In 2017, Rapp Bomek joined forces with sister company, Rapp Pyrotec, under the Rapp Bomek brand. Both companies have over 30 years of experience, extensive engineering expertise and modern, flexible production facilities.

Together we can custom build solutions to your individual needs or supply standard off-the-shelf products, as you require. We are committed to innovation and our dedicated R&D department continuously develops our range in line with new market demands and industry requirements. We have 95 employees based at our corporate headquarters in Bodo, Northern Norway and our modern production facilities in Bodø and Kapp.

Main products:

  • Fire doors
  • Security doors
  • Custom-built doors

Headquarters: Kvitberget 5, 8012 Bodø, Norway

Ulefos Brug AS

Fire Door Supplier in Norway - Ulefos Brug ASSource:

Ever since the start in 1980, good craftsmanship and pride in what we produce have been in focus with us at  Ulefos Brug AS. As a result,  we are today one of the country’s leading manufacturers of fire-rated doors, gates, windows and wall sections.

Main products:

  • Fire-rated Steel Doors
  • Fire-rated Glass Doors
  • Fire-rated Sliding Doors
  • Fire-rated Windows

Headquarters: Fabrikkgata 8, 3830 Ulefoss, Norway

Windsor Door

Fire Door Supplier in Norway - Windsor DoorSource:

Windsor is one of the few companies that offer service throughout Norway with fitters from Kirkenes to Kristiansand. We also have one of the market’s largest product ranges. In addition to our own product range, we can also perform repairs and service on other makes.

Windsor has solid experience with door production, assembly and service since 1961. We have built up broad expertise, have well-equipped service vehicles at our disposal and have fast delivery of parts from the factory. We deliver to the State, municipalities, the Armed Forces, the oil companies, industry, warehouses, freight terminals, agriculture, contractors etc.

Main products:

  • Fire curtains
  • Fire jealousy
  • Fire articulated lift gate
  • Fire doors
  • Fire sliding gates

Headquarters: Vågsmarka 7, 5680 Tysnes, Norway


It is important to find a supplier that you can partner with for a long time and one that you can grow your business with. We hope that our list was enough for you to find your ideal supplier.

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The Best Fire Door Suppliers in Norway

  1. Rapp Bomek
  2. Ulefos Brug AS
  3. Windsor Door

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