Commercial Fire Door Suppliers in Czechia

A well-designed fireplace door will stop the spread of fire and smoke but not hinder people’s movement. Before buying fire doors you should consider that:

  • The Location of the Doors
  • The Fire Rating
  • The Materials It Used
  • The Cost of the Doors

So where can I buy the best Commercial Fire Doors in Czechia? In this article, we have covered the leading fire door suppliers in the country.

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List of Commercial Fire Door Suppliers in Czechia

Somati system s.r.o.

Czechic Commercial Fire Door Company - Somati system s.r.o.Source:

Somati system s.r.o. grew out of the daughter company SOMATI, s.r.o., which started to write its history in the Czech republic in 1997. In that year the company started to sell fire protection materials and later on it started with the production of fire doors in its own manufacturing company in Troubsko, near Brno.

Somati system s.r.o. keeps on working continuously on the good reputation of the brand name Somati, not only in the Czech market but also in many other markets in Europe and the world. The focus of the company lies in the highly specialized development and manufacturing of fire doors for industrial applications. Thanks to this, the company holds a significant market share and the fire doors already received relevant awards.

Over the last 20 years, the company Somati delivered a nice piece of work, and thanks to the regular fire tests and experiences from its own production, the company was able to build up a reputation as a reliable supplier of fire doors.

Main products:

  • Sliding Fire Doors
  • Fireproof Scrolling Shutters
  • Vertical Moving Fire Doors
  • Sectional Fire Doors

Headquarters: Jihlavská 510, 664 41 Troubsko, Czechia

AVAPS s.r.o.

Czechic Commercial Fire Door Company - AVAPS s.r.o.Source:

AVAPS s.r.o. is a well-established company with a long tradition in the fire protection of buildings. We focus mainly on the production of textile fireproof shutters and textile smoke barriers. The quality of our products and their continuous development and innovation are our top priority, as well as a helpful approach to and follow-up of our customers.

Fire safety of buildings is our priority. Reliable roller fire protection systems will be delivered to you by our stable, professional, and specialized company with a long family tradition. In the field of roller fire protection systems, we intend to maintain a leading position in the Czech market; our ambition is to be number one in European markets by 2025.

Main products:

  • Fire curtains
  • Fire shutters
  • Special fire shutters
  • Fire doors
  • Textile fire curtains

Headquarters: U Obalovny 488, 250 67 Klecany, Czechia

TriLine s.r.o.

Czechic Commercial Fire Door Company - TriLine s.r.o.Source:

TriLine s.r.o. is a Czech manufacturer of doors, industrial doors, fire and smoke doors. From the outset, we have focused on custom products according to customer requirements. We supply our products on the territory of the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic.

The offered structures were tested for the purpose of certification by the accredited laboratory CSI Zlín, the fire doors were tested by the accredited laboratory PAVÚS Veselí nad Lužnicí and Fires Batizovce Slovakia.

Apart from the general characteristics necessary for the structure to fulfil the exacting requirements of the new European standards, which came into force, both for fire as well as the mechanical features, the certified structures, particularly in outdoor application tests exhibited.

Headquarters: 709 00 Ostrava-Mariánské Hory a Hulváky, Czechia

SEPOS, spol. s r.o.

Czechic Commercial Fire Door Company - SEPOS, spol. s r.o.Source:

SEPOS, spol s r.o. is one of the leading sellers of doors and door frames in the Czech Republic. During the epoch of more than 25 years of doing business, SEPOS has developed into a stable company and is still an object of remarkable evolution and development.

Nowadays the number of employees that are employed by SEPOS is more than 200. Over a long period, the company stays financially healthy and is financed only by Czech sources of capital. Instead of owning a sales network, the company owns an area with production and stock spaces that is continuously growing and modernizing.

Main products:

  • Fireproof doors
  • Sliding doors
  • Entrance doors
  • Safety doors
  • Adjustable frames and systems

Headquarters: Rantířovská 583/100, 586 01 Jihlava, Czechia


It is important to find a supplier that you can partner with for a long time and one that you can grow your business with. We hope that our list was enough for you to find your ideal supplier.

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