Industrial Garage Door Suppliers in Hungary

There are a few differences between industrial garage doors and regular doors. Your commercial building will likely require a stronger door than your home. A larger door is needed to accommodate large loads and lorries. There are many industrial garage door types available, such as Roller Shutter Doors, Sectional Doors, High-Speed Doors, Steel Hinged Doors, Sliding Doors, and Fire Doors, each designed for a particular purpose. The type of industrial garage door you need will depend on the industry and your specific needs.

There are many suppliers and wholesalers that offer industrial garage doors in Hungary. We researched the market trends and only selected the best companies in Hungary.

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10 Best Garage Doors Suppliers in Hungary


Hungarian Wholesale Garage Door Supplier - DOOR-SYSTEM Ltd.Source:

DOOR-SYSTEM Ltd. was established in 1989, 33 years ago. We offer a full 2-year warranty on our products and work. Garage doors are assembled and manufactured to size in Hungary, and the raw materials are obtained from direct imports, thus contributing to the shortening of delivery deadlines and the creation of any size. We sell our products in several countries through hundreds of resellers. Installation and service are performed by our own colleagues and reseller partners.

Our company is the Hungarian representative and brand service of the official NICE – VIDUE – FLEXI FORCE – SMES – REWLEX – DOORHAN   brands, in addition to which we undertake the maintenance of almost all types of industrial gate and gate opening automation and control electronics. Since 1995, our company has been the exclusive Hungarian representative and brand service of NICE door openers.

Headquarters: Budapest, Almakerék u. 4, 1044 Hungary

  1. Oktotrade Ltd.

Hungarian Wholesale Garage Door Supplier - Oktotrade Ltd.Source:

Oktotrade Ltd. was established in 1992. Since then, we have been continuously manufacturing garage doors to the greatest satisfaction of our customers. Initially, our garage doors were made abroad, but we wanted to produce the garage doors dreamed up by our customers as soon as possible, so in 1999 we dreamed of a self-developed, insulated garage door. These are manufactured and marketed as EUROKAPU garage doors.

We cater to both residential and industrial needs. Not only do we work at a reasonable price, but quality and speed are also our top priorities. We have become a market leader through our young team and innovative developments, and we have maintained this ever since.

Oktotrade Kft. Has a stable, nationwide network of professional resellers. We successfully sell our products not only in Hungary but also in 8 countries abroad.

Main products:

  • Sectional garage doors
  • Tilting garage doors
  • Mobile garages

Headquarters: Budakeszi, Tiefenweg 12, 2092 Hungary

  1. Coolfire Ltd

Hungarian Wholesale Garage Door Supplier - Coolfire LtdSource:

Coolfire Ltd has been present in the Hungarian and international fireproof doors and windows market since January 2009. For the selection of products manufactured, developed, and offered by Coolfire, we have kept in mind the recommendations of architects, operators, and end-users.

We have managed to develop several innovative products, to contribute to the development of the construction industry with special solutions. We can also offer a solution in individual cases. Our developments are a hallmark of the Coolfire brand in Europe as well. Our own developments: 90-minute fireproof glazed doors and windows, fire-rated automatic glass door range, fire-rated facade tilting window.


  • Aesthetically pleasing and modern.
  • Hungarian and international safety standards-compliant.
  • Products designed for heavy-duty and long-lasting
  • solutions to meet special, unique requirements
  • Wide range of shapes and sizes are available
  • Competitive prices

Headquarters: 13 Illatos Street, Budapest 1098, Hungary


Hungarian Wholesale Garage Door Supplier - NOVOFERM HUNGÁRIA KFT.Source:

The Novoferm sales office in Hungary was established in 1994 with the aim of introducing the German Novoferm door and window products to the Hungarian market and gradually becoming a listed market player.

The company joined the Rolla Group in 2000 as Novoferm Hungária Kereskedelmi Kft. Together with Westag Hungária Kft, a distributor of interior wooden doors, we offer our partners a complete set of products and services that build on and complement each other, from design, preparation, survey, production, and material delivery to construction.

Our activity is multi-channel: in addition to the classic product sales in retail and wholesale form through our national specialist retailer partners, we also undertake the implementation of projects in the industry.

We strive to serve the new and new needs of architecture in a long-term, reliable and sustainable way with the high-quality door and window systems we sell, which offer a solution for all needs.

Main products:

  • Garage doors
  • Fireproof door
  • Security steel door
  • Industrial gates
  • Loading systems

Headquarters: Szigetszentmiklós, Petőfi Sándor u. 137, 2310 Hungary

  1. Euronorm Group Hungary Ltd.

Hungarian Wholesale Garage Door Supplier - Euronorm Group Hungary Ltd.Source:

The Euronorm Group Hungary Ltd. offers in all circumstances the most optimal and reasonable solutions based on more than 12 years of experience with strict professional requirements.

We strive for providing our customers with the best value for money which we reach by continuous liaising with the manufacturers. Because all manufacturer is good at different doors and windows we are monitoring continuously. We do not just make and distribute we provide solutions.

We strive for being a full supply of doors and windows, shielding technical suppliers for a private customer, contractor, or investor.

Main products:

  • Outdoor doors and windows
  • Indoor doors and windows
  • Shieldings technics
  • Curtainwall systems

Headquarters: Budapest, Raktár u. 50, 1035 Hungary


Hungarian Wholesale Garage Door Supplier - BRINMETAL KktSource:

BRINMETAL Kkt was founded by the Brindza family in 1968 in Topolya. We are the first independent Hungarian garage door manufacturing company that produces sectional and tilting garage doors and all their parts.

Currently, both sites are in operation producing excellent parts for our own range of sectional and tilting garage doors, and of course, mass-producing parts in our press –work for our foreign partners.

BRINMETAL is a good choice when you are looking for a garage door or any part or accessory for your garage door. We have decades of experience in the production of garage doors that guaranties excellent quality. Sectional doors, tilting garage doors or double floating gates can be ordered and produced in non-standard sizes at BRINMETAL.

Headquarters: 2. Ady Endre str. Ecser, 2233. Hungary

  1. Jola Group

Hungarian Wholesale Garage Door Supplier - Jola GroupSource:

Our company, the Jola Group, distributes and partly manufactures doors and windows (entrance and interior doors, windows, shutters, cornices), parquets, laminate floors, garage doors, and thermal insulation.

The Jola Group grew out of the Parquet Discount chain – which was established in 2001 and then developed into a nationwide store network – but the expansion of its product range required a change in the brand name. We now have 37 stores nationwide and 3 stores in Austria. Of course, we are planning further expansion, it is a great pleasure for us that there is a noticeable demand for fair trading.
Our company is a key player in the market due to its size, supplier relationships, and logistics capabilities. We also have a large warehouse in Sárvár, Békéscsaba, and Szigetszentmiklós, which speeds up our transport capabilities.

Headquarters: Budapest, Fóti út 56/B, 1045 Hungary

  1. Thermokor Kft

Hungarian Wholesale Garage Door Supplier - Thermokor KftSource:

Thermokor Kft., Hungary’s largest cold storage, food industrial, and hospital/clean room door manufacturing company, has been manufacturing and continuously developing special doors and windows for various industrial uses that conform to the requirements of the age for more than 20 years.  Our company manufactures several hundreds of products in a year for Hungarian and foreign markets, primarily for the food industry and cold storage purposes, for shopping centres, warehouses, meat processing plants, but we also have an important role in producing hospital doors and windows.

We recommend our special doors for use in the pharmaceuticals industry and for other fields demanding the use of clean area technology. Our product range includes manually operated and automatic sliding (side-sliding or vertically opening), normally operated or swing doors satisfying any demands, and PVC strip curtains.

Headquarters: Törökbálint, 0301 Hrsz. külterület, 2045 Hungary

  1. GATE Szerviz Kft.

Hungarian Wholesale Garage Door Supplier - GATE Szerviz Kft.Source:

The main profile of our company, which has been developing dynamically for more than 30 years, is the brand-independent maintenance and service of gate technology, loading technology, parking technology, and fire protection doors and windows all over the country.

GATE Szerviz Kft. Places special emphasis on maintaining the gate technology equipment of factories and logistics centers, thus increasing their service life and saving our customers’ wallets from unnecessary expenses.


  • We will get anywhere in the country quickly.
  • We can serve our key partners immediately at any time.
  • We have serviced all brands for over 30 years.

Headquarters: Budapest, Illatos út 11/B, 1097 Hungary

  1. Ports-Gate Kft.

Hungarian Wholesale Garage Door Supplier - Ports-Gate Kft.Source:

Ports-Gate Kft. is a 100% Hungarian-owned, Győr-based company that distributes, installs, retails, wholesales and provides services for gates, gate technology and automatic glass doors and barriers. The founding members of the company are natural persons.

Our goal is providing quality products and services to our customers. We achieve this by assessing the needs of our partners, with high-quality products and services, and with the continuous professional training of our technical team.

Since our founding in 1994, we have been the official brand representative for HÖRMANN, a manufacturer of DITEC gates, high-speed gates, automatic doors, automatic gate openers, barrier systems, and systems for residential and industrial gates. During this time, we and our staff have gained sufficient experience in the field of construction.

Headquarters: Győr, Régi Veszprémi út 5, 9028 Hungary


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