Industrial Door Manufacturers & Suppliers in Poland

Industrial doors are designed to secure large openings in industrial settings, such as factories, warehouses, and airplane hangars. These doors are heavy-duty, durable, and offer features such as insulation, speed, and security. They are essential for maintaining safe and efficient operations in these environments.

Are you searching for the best industrial door manufacturers and suppliers in Poland?

In this article, we have compiled the best industrial door suppliers to help narrow your options to the leading businesses in the industry. Companies are chosen according to the following criteria:

  • Large production capabilities
  • Top quality raw materials
  • Good price value and quality consistency

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List of the Best Industrial Door Suppliers in Poland

Metalpol Furmaniak Spółka Jawna

Industrial Door Manufacturing Company in Poland - Metalpol Furmaniak Spółka JawnaSource:

Metalpol Furmaniak company is a family run business since 1979. For over 30 years we have been producing seamless and profile steel doors and gates. We are a renowned Polish producer of steel doors for industrial and residential construction.

Due to our experience, we apply our own technical solutions and due to the latest technology, we produce customized products within a very short time.

Main products:

  • seamless steel doors
  • steel fire doors
  • steel security doors
  • profile steel doors
  • steel double-leaf gates
  • doors for transformer stations

Headquarters: Rakoniewicka Street 38, 62-068 Rostarzewo Poland

KRISPOL Sp. z o.o

Industrial Door Manufacturing Company in Poland - KRISPOL Sp. z o.oSource:

The company has been present in the construction industry for almost 30 years. Our goal is to create solutions tailored to the specific needs of customers. We have always combined the excellent quality, safety and flexibility that our competitors lacked.

It was a bold decision that required determination and consistency. The company’s product range has been increasing every year, and its development has been recognized and awarded many times since 2003. To this day, we are implementing our plans, wanting to be closer to the needs of customers and their vision of an ideal home.

Main products:

  • Industrial sectional doors
  • Industrial roller doors
  • Industrial gates drive

Headquarters: Strzykały 4, 62-300 Września, Poland

Mercor Doors

Industrial Door Manufacturing Company in Poland - Mercor DoorsSource:

Mercor Doors, part of ASSA ABLOY Group, is a leading manufacturer of security fire-rated and non-fire-rated doors, fixed screens, sliding gates and fire curtains in Poland.

All ASSA ABLOY Mercor Doors products are customised and certified according to European standards and are designed to ensure people’s security, safety and convenience in residential and commercial buildings. Mercor Doors offers products that meet both safety and design requirements.

Our products have successfully passed a series of tests in many European research centres. In our production plant, we have our own laboratory where research and development works are conducted systematically in order to increase permanently the technical parameters of solutions offered in order to meet growing customer expectations.

Headquarters: Namysłowska 113, 46-081 Dobrzeń Wielki, Poland

PaNELTECH Sp. o.o.

Industrial Door Manufacturing Company in Poland - PaNELTECH Sp. o.o.Source:

Paneltech Ltd has been on the market since 1989. The acquired experience and investments in modern process lines enabled the company to specialize in the production of high-quality construction materials, including sandwich panels, polystyrene and industrial doors.

Many satisfied clients, both in the country and abroad, have already trusted us. At present, we export products to almost 30 countries worldwide. Paneltech is the guarantee of reliability, keeping deadlines and high quality of products and services, and the satisfaction of our clients is our uttermost priority.

Main products:

  • Universal Hinged Door
  • Coldroom And Freezer Hinged Door
  • Coldroom And Freezer Sliding Door
  • Gas-tight Sliding Door
  • Swing Door

Headquarters: Michałkowicka 24, 41-508 Chorzów, Poland

Big Tor sp. z o. o

Industrial Door Manufacturing Company in Poland - Big Tor sp. z o. oSource:

BIG TOR is the most experienced sectional door manufacturer. Our mission is constant development achieved through better fulfilment of customer needs related to joinery products. Since 1996 we have been manufacturing industrial and garage doors, as well as a wide range of products within hard and soft joinery fasteners that determine the best quality trends in the field of door technology and loading systems.
BIG TOR doors are manufactured in Poland. Many years of experience, reliable production team, and carefully selected supply sources of components that meet the strict safety requirements and quality standards applicable in EU countries guarantee the hight quality of BIG TOR doors.

Main products:

  • Sectional Sliding Doors
  • Sectional Side-hinged Doors
  • Sectional Folding Doors
  • High-speed Doors
  • Swinging Doors
  • Roll-up Doors

Headquarters: Przemysłowa 8, 85-750 Bydgoszcz, Poland

Bramy Verdor

Industrial Door Manufacturing Company in Poland - Bramy VerdorSource:

The VERDOOR brand builds on its 25 years of experience in the production of sectional doors inherited from GADiP, a pioneer and the first manufacturer of sectional doors in Poland. We are the second generation that continues to a family business based on traditional values, such as reliability and integrity. In 2010 the new brand combined the best of the trail-blazing activity of GADiP established by Tadeusz Aninowski with the comprehensive knowledge and professional approach of the next generation of owners.

We wanted emotions encapsulated in a simple sound and expression captured in a piece of metal, a simple form. We were looking for inspiration from the masters of modernism where design became a functional art.

Main products:

  • VERDOOR Verside industrial doors
  • VERDOOR Division industrial doors

Headquarters: Warszawska 23, 08-443 Sobienie-Jeziory, Poland


 Industrial Door Manufacturing Company in Poland - SESKOSource:

For 14 years SESKO is involved in designing, manufacturing and installing aluminium and steel joinery – windows, doors and facades –  for the construction industry.

SESKO is an active and developing company managed in a planned and precise way. It is strongly success oriented. But even though we are friendly and take good care of our employees.
Our success is also the result of our own integration and the wonderful, nearly family-like atmosphere we tend to promote.

We cooperate with Polish and foreign investors and construction contractors. What confirms our mark best is a large group of satisfied customers, both institutional and individual ones.


  • Manufacturing
  • Technical Support
  • Customer Support
  • Certifications
  • High quality

Headquarters: Lubiatów 12, 55-330 Lubiatów, Poland


Finding a reputable supplier is no joke. Hopefully, we were able to provide you with a trusted source of industrial doors.
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Industrial Door Manufacturers in Poland
List of the Best Industrial Door Suppliers in Poland

  1. Metalpol Furmaniak Spółka Jawna
  2. KRISPOL Sp. z o.o
  3. Mercor Doors
  4. PaNELTECH Sp. o.o.
  5. Big Tor sp. z o. o
  6. Bramy Verdor
  7. SESKO

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