Industrial Door Wholesalers in France

There are many types of industrial doors, such as roller shutter doors, rapid doors,  hangar doors and sectional doors. They are used for different applications.

If you are looking for the best Industrial door manufacturers and suppliers in France, this is the right place for you.

List of the Best Industrial door Companies in France


French Wholesale Industrial Door Supplier - MaviflexSource:

The French company Maviflex® has relied on its expertise for more than 50 years and offers tailor-made solutions in line with the highest demands of the industrial, food, sanitary and distribution sectors.

Today Maviflex is a company with a large team of 150 committed people, a strong innovation policy with more than 40 patents, sustainable growth in France and abroad, a desire to maintain its production in France and a commitment to the environment.

Main products:

  • External high-speed doors
  • Internal high-speed doors
  • Strip curtain doors
  • Hinged doors

Headquarters: 8 Rue Vaucanson, 69150 Décines-Charpieu, France


French Wholesale Industrial Door Supplier - NergecoSource:

The ambition of Nergeco, since its creation in 1981, has always been and still is to favour energy saving: “NERG-ECO” with fast and safe opening and closing flexible doors adapted to each trade, each process and each site.

In 35 years, Nergeco has become the technical leader around the world for safe, automatic high-speed flexible doors by meeting the three-fold requirement of “insulation, access and adaptation

Main products:

  • External flexible doors T-series
  • Interior high-speed flexible doors

Headquarters: 8 rue de l’Industrie, Dunieres, Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes, 43220, France


French Wholesale Industrial Door Supplier - SDASource:

Founded in 1993, SDA has evolved greatly since its inception, to become today a national player in garage doors.

SDA supports a complete range of industrial closing products, with industrial doors in particular and metal curtains. Manufactured in Fretin, in our workshops, our industrial doors share part of the hardware for our residential doors and some panels as well.

Main products:

  • Industrial sectional doors
  • Metal curtains and mesh grilles

Headquarters: 696 Bd du Petit Quinquin, 59273 Fretin, France

La Toulousaine

French Wholesale Industrial Door Supplier - La ToulousaineSource:

A European industrial group incorporated in 2007,  LA TOULOUSAINE manufactures 60,000 products a year on a 10-hectare site in Escalquens (Toulouse). Its 3 factories are grouped around a 6,000-sq m logistics hub and its Technical Centre, which is the heart of product innovation.

LA TOULOUSAINE has over 300 employees dedicated to the design, manufacture and sale of its custom-made products for 8,000 satisfied customers.

Main products:

  • Metal Grilles and Roller Shutters
  • Industrial Sectional Doors

Headquarters: Zone Artisanale les Bogues, Av. de Toulouse, 31750 Escalquens, France

Novoferm France

French Wholesale Industrial Door Supplier - Novoferm FranceSource:

Novoferm Industrie has been a specialist in industrial doors for 60 years. It is aimed at industry, logistics and ERP professionals to meet their need for innovative closure solutions.

Novoferm has developed a wide choice of innovative closures: industrial high-speed door, industrial sectional door or industrial curtain. These are high-performance solutions combining reliability, safety and design to harmonize with your environment.

Headquarters: Rue des Redoux, 44270 Machecoul-Saint-Même, France

Portalp France

French Wholesale Industrial Door Supplier - Portalp FranceSource:

Founded in 1962, Portalp’s headquarters is located in Domont near Paris. Portalp is an automatic door specialist that has been expanding abroad and marketing its products via its France and Export agencies and a large network of partners.

Our sales network covers many countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, North America, and Latin America. Everywhere, experienced men and women are ready to meet you in the field to advise you in installing and maintaining our products, and our after-sales service always works to provide you with the highest quality.


  • 60 years of experience
  • Reaching the summits of quality
  • Services meet our customers’ expectations

Headquarters: 4 Rue des Charpentiers, 95330 Domont, France

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Industrial Door Suppliers in France
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