Industrial Rolling Doors Wholesalers in Brazil

Industrial doors are crucial components of many industrial settings, such as factories, warehouses, and loading docks. They are designed to provide durability, security, and insulation while allowing for efficient and safe operations.

Which industrial door and rolling door suppliers in Brazil should I contact for supplies? In this post, we’ll tell you exactly the top companies that supply industrial doors and rolling doors in Brazil.

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The Best Industrial Door and Rolling Door Suppliers in Brazil


Industrial Rolling Door Supplier in Brazil - MEGA DOORSSource:

We have several factories throughout Brazil, all with the same standard of structure, providing you with a product of the highest quality standard. All this mixed with maximum speed and agility in service. MEGADOORS operates with transparency and ethics in its services, resulting in products of extreme quality.

MEGADOORS offers automatic doors for the most diverse segments, whether for industries, stores and even homes. We offer, in addition to variety, the best material and color issues for our main customers, so that they leave here with the ideal product according to their needs.

Main products:

  • Rolling Door
  • Sectional Door
  • Fast Door
  • Fire Door
  • Packaging Door
  • Dock Leveler

Headquarters: Fazenda Caguaçu, São Paulo – State of São Paulo, Brazil


Industrial Rolling Door Supplier in Brazil - ASSA ABLOY BRASILSource:

In Brazil, since 2001, ASSA ABLOY BRASIL has acquired national brands of great quality and prestige among Brazilians.

Both in Brazil and in the rest of the world, the strength of the group is the variety of traditional products and especially those that add new technologies and that can be combined to create complete security and door opening solutions.

Grupo ASSA ABLOY Brasil also has the Entrance Systems division, which offers automatic entrance doors for any building. These automated solutions make people feel safer and more secure so they can experience a more open world.

Main products:

  • Sectional Doors
  • Dock levelers
  • Dock shelter
  • Fast doors

Headquarters: Av. Luigi Papaiz, 239 – Campanário, Diadema – SP, 09931-610, Brazil

Portas de Aço Tropical

Industrial Rolling Door Supplier in Brazil - Portas de Aço TropicalSource:

The Tropical Steel Doors are an exclusive product with all the necessary quality and durability. For more than 25 years with manual steel doors, today the market leader and a reference in automatic steel doors, we have managed to guarantee the total satisfaction of customers who use our products.

Tropical steel doors produce transmission doors known as micro-perforated, we also work with electrostatic painting. Our mega motors are of the highest quality, containing various capacities and sizes. Tropical’s line meets the demand of small and medium-sized companies, maintaining the same level of technology and quality.

Main products:

  • Manual Steel Door
  • Automatic Steel Door
  • Installed Doors
  • Automated Steel Curtain

Headquarters: R. Paralela PSR, Quadra 04 – Lote 05 – Portal Santa Rita, Goiânia – GO, 74395-071, Brazil

Serralheria Fabris

Industrial Rolling Door Supplier in Brazil - Serralheria FabrisSource:

Serralheria Fabris, 10 years in the market and always innovating. Serralheria Fabris is a company specialized in developing aluminum solutions.

Our Mission is to offer services with total quality, always aiming to achieve excellence in locksmith services. Our great differential is our personalized service. We guarantee you all the quality, efficiency and safety in our products and services, providing permanent technical assistance.

Main products:

  • More than 15 years working with aluminum projects
  • Skilled labor
  • Personalized customer service by appointment
  • Technical assistance
  • Customized Projects

Headquarters: R. Guilherme Tiburtius, 243 – Saguaçu, Joinville – SC, 89221-310, Brazil


Industrial Rolling Door Supplier in Brazil - AnportasSource:

We are a company specialized in the manufacture, assembly and installation of automatic and manual steel roller doors, we produce the model half cane transvision and half cane smooth. Our rolling doors, both automatic and manual, are produced with galvanized steel sheets in the necessary specifications to provide greater durability and safety, materials with adequate hardness for the production of automatic rolling doors.
We manufacture anti-noise polyethylene profiles for guide rails of automatic rolling doors designed to avoid friction between the metal parts, the rolling doors produced by Anportas have good functioning, offer safety and practicality.
We use resistant and durable 1st line automation machines with a high-quality standard, we always work with the best and modern in our segment.

Main products:

  • Automatic Rolling Doors
  • Transvision Rolling Doors
  • Manual Rolling Doors

Headquarters: Brazil



We are a company that manufactures automatic rolling doors, with 6 years of experience in the field. We have technicians and skilled labor. We are prepared to serve small, medium and large customers, always offering an intelligent and economical solution for those who need innovation and security.

Main products:

  • Rolling Door For Street Commerce
  • Rolling Door For Shopping
  • Rolling Door For Bank
  • Residential Rolling Door
  • Industrial Rolling Door

Headquarters: Ade Conjunto 18, Lote 16 – Loja 05 – Águas Claras, Brasília – DF, 71988-360, Brazil

Seip Brasil

Industrial Rolling Door Supplier in Brazil - Seip BrasilSource:

International certification and 100% Italian quality make Seip Brasil’s automatic Sectional Gates a true masterpiece. Discover the most desired and renowned garage door: the sectional door. Product of high added value that beautifies and provides comfort, convenience and safety in homes and industries worldwide.

The ultimate solution in automatic garage doors, Seip Brasil combines Italian technology and design with Brazilian practicality. Automatic sectional garage door with high-end technology, Italian design, low maintenance and full use of openings. Meeting the most demanding international standards and certifications.

Main products:

  • Residential Sectional Gates
  • Industrial Sectional Gates
  • Secur Plus swing gates

Headquarters: Rodovia PR 158, nº 17400, Distrito Industrial, Vitorino – PR, 85520-000, Brazil

Leader Rolling Steel Doors DF and Steel Gates

Industrial Rolling Door Supplier in Brazil - Leader Rolling Steel Doors DF and Steel GatesSource:

Leader Rolling Steel Doors DF and Steel Gates is a company that has been operating for several years in the market. We specialize every day to provide qualified work, with ethics and loyalty to our customers and partners, combined with high quality products.

We are an experienced company that values ​​excellence in quality and service. Offering the best in rolling steel doors, residential and industrial steel gates, automation, electric locks and locksmiths in general, guaranteeing our customers steel doors with high standard quality. They can be installed in your business with almost zero maintenance. Our steel doors are the best doors available in Brazil.

Main products:

  • Manual Rolling Steel Doors
  • Rolling Gates for Condominiums
  • Automatic Steel Garage Gates
  • Industrial Steel Roll Up Gates
  • Automatic Rolling Up Doors

Headquarters: St. Hab. Vicente Pires – Taguatinga, Brasília – DF, 72110-800, Brazil

Speed ​​Door Distributor

Industrial Rolling Door Supplier in Brazil - Speed ​​Door DistributorSource:

The Speed Door is a company that has been around since 1989 and stands out for being an organization in this segment for its financial capacity that allows you to comply with all legal requirements. We offer the best solutions in automation, selling the best brands in the world, all with the ISO 9001 quality standard, which provides our customers with a complete guarantee.

The diversity of equipment enables us to meet the widest range of applications, from the simplest to the most sophisticated, covering: Sliding Doors with or without systems antiphonic, pivoting doors, telescopic doors, Revolving Doors Manual and Automatic, with different types of finishing, Automatic Gates, Access Controls and etc.

Headquarters: R. Dom Vilares, 1217 – Vila das Merces, São Paulo – SP, 04160-001, Brazil


Finding a reputable supplier is no joke. Hopefully, we were able to provide you with a trusted source of industrial doors.
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The Best Industrial Door and Rolling Door Suppliers in Brazil

  3. Portas de Aço Tropical
  4. Serralheria Fabris
  5. Anportas
  7. Seip Brasil
  8. Leader Rolling Steel Doors DF and Steel Gates
  9. Speed ​​Door Distributor

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