Roller Shutter Manufacturers in Poland

Many manufacturers and suppliers in Poland provide high-quality roller shutters, which are the best in the industry. In this article, we’ve listed the suppliers of the best roller shutters in Poland that are precision-engineered using unmatched skills and process precision.


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List of Roller Shutter Suppliers in Poland

Constans sp. z o.o.

Polish Roller Shutter Manufacturer and Supplier - Constans sp. z o.o.Source:

Constans sp. z o.o. has been manufacturing the doors and windows of PVC and ALUMINIUM for over 20 years. The long-term experience let us offer products of the highest quality, modern and durable.

Our company has the most modern in the region, three large production halls with the industrial area as of 3500m2 and with computerized technological production lines (for both PVC and aluminum windows, doors).

The outstanding quality of our products has been appreciated by the customers from Western Europe. Constans, one of the most significant manufacturers in the area, has become one of the biggest Polish exporters of windows in the voivodship. With the share of export above 80% over the total sale, our company exports goods to such countries as Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, France and Luxemburg.

Main products:

  • Top Mounted Shutters
  • Front Mounted Shutters

Headquarters: Gorzowska 11, 66-415 Kłodawa, Poland

Aluplast sp. z o.o.

Polish Roller Shutter Manufacturer and Supplier - Constans sp. z o.o.Source:

Aluplast sp. z o.o. is the biggest supplier of PVC-U window profiles systems in the polish market. Currently, over 200 certified window manufacturers produce PVC-U windows and doors based on the aluplast systems.

Polish company established in 1995 in Poznan was employed at the beginning of its activities 8 people and achieved by the end of the year a turnover of 4 million PLN. Currently, the company employs about 500 people and reaches an annual turnover of approximately 550 million PLN. Over the area of more than 60 000 sqm, a modern production plant was built. The continuous investments in technology and research ensure the highest technical level of our solutions.

Main products:

  • Top mounted roller shutters
  • Adaptation roller shutters
  • Venetian blinds
  • Types of drives

Headquarters: Grunwaldzka 3, 46-020 Opole, Poland

Aikon Distribution

Polish Roller Shutter Manufacturer and Supplier - Aikon DistributionSource:

Our mission is to provide clients from around the world with access to a wide range of windows and doors products from Polish manufacturers. We strive to be the best through expert knowledge, careful selection of manufacturers and fast and safe product shipping.

Our clients are able to complete any order, even the most complex, in one place. By contacting their account manager, the client will complete their entire order without having to order products from different suppliers.

Main products:

  • Integrated roller shutters
  • Surface-mounted roller shutters
  • At-window-head mounted roller shutters
  • Lintel roller shutters
  • Roller shutters controls
  • Roller shutters accessories

Headquarters: Łagiewnicka 25, 41-902 Bytom, Poland


Polish Roller Shutter Manufacturer and Supplier - ALUPROF SASource:

Aluprof SA belongs to the Capital Group Kęty SA The company is one of the leading manufacturers of aluminium systems in Europe. With over 70 years of experience and annual sales revenues are ca. 385 M EUR, Aluprof SA has over 1,400 regular clients. Exports account for 40% of total sales. The company employs more than 2,300 employees.

Product quality is a primary value for Aluprof, so the engineers of Aluprof are constantly developing technologically advanced solutions, meeting the needs of the modern building industry in the field of energy efficiency and design flexibility. The company implemented the ISO 9001-2001 quality management system, which ensures the compatibility of the offered products with European standards.

Headquarters: Gosławicka 3, 45-446 Opole, Poland

Eko-Okna S.A.

Polish Roller Shutter Manufacturer and Supplier - Eko-Okna S.A.Source:

Many years of experience in production, company development, responding to customer needs and continuous development have made us recognized as the European leader in the production of the woodwork. Moreover, we are one of the largest producers of PVC windows and an employer in Poland.

The essence of the production of joinery offered by Eko-Okna is a team of qualified employees and technologically advanced equipment of the machine park. Thanks to this combination, we produce high-quality products with a long-term warranty.

Main products:

  • Roller shutter – adaptive
  • Roller shutter – Top-mounted
  • Roller shutter – Concealed
  • Window shutters

Headquarters: Spacerowa 4, 47-480 Kornice, Poland


Polish Roller Shutter Manufacturer and Supplier - DRUTEX S.A.Source:

DRUTEX S.A., with the production capacity that allows to manufacture up to 7000 windows a day, is the leading producer in Europe. It has its own research and development department, design department and testing laboratory. It independently produces top-quality A-class window and door profiles (exclusively of prime material) and composite glass.

DRUTEX has a network that consists of more than 4500 trading partners worldwide.  Export constitutes more than 75% today. DRUTEX products have numerous certificates, attestations and technical approvals issued by renowned certifying institutions all over the world.

Main products:

  • Adaptive roller shutter
  • Top-mounted roller shutter

Headquarters: Lęborska 31, 77-100 Bytów, Poland

Rolety AMD


The company AMD Rolety is a producer of solid quality external roller shutters, anti-burglary roller shutters, roller garage doors, grilles, mosquito nets, shutters and interior decorations, valances, curtains. The products mentioned are made of the highest quality components and materials. We also offer PVC windows of the latest technology and awnings.

We have been operating since 1992, we have the latest machines and devices, the quality of our products and the workmanship is precise and reliable.  We approach each valuation individually.

Headquarters: Henryka Sienkiewicza 30, 49-200 Grodków, Poland

Polwindow Distribution


Door and window joinery for energy-efficient buildings, historical-style windows with espagnolette rod, arched windows, false arches, biometric double bolts, two-coloured windows, old-style front door reproduction, and rare woods (larch) are not special for us.
Since 2009 Polwindow Distribution has successfully supplied all kinds of window and doors products made to measure for business clients across Europe. Cooperation with numerous Polish factories enables us to meet even the most sophisticated needs of our clients.

Main products:

  • Lintel Roller Shutter
  • Integrated Roller Shutter
  • External Roller Shutter

Headquarters: Mehoffera 36, 03-131 Warszawa, Poland

Petecki Investment Sp. z o.o.


A house is not only about walls, but also, and maybe first of all, doors and windows. We know this well, that’s why our products are characterized by very high quality, attention to detail and modern design. We have been faithful to these principles for more than 20 years.

The customer is always at the heart of our activities. It is for him that we obtain the best materials and technologies available on the market. Our goal is to make him associate the use of our products with convenience, pleasure, comfort – in other words – with luxury. To make this possible, we are constantly improving our products, implementing new solutions and designing unique systems on a European scale. We employ highly qualified personnel and take care of constant improvement of their qualifications through frequent training sessions. Our goal is to be a premium supplier.

Main products:

  • Flush-mounted Roller Shutters
  • Surface-mounted Shutters
  • Anti-theft Shutters
  • Adaptation Roller Shutters

Headquarters: Chrapczew 26A, 62-730 Chrapczew, Poland


Finding a reputable supplier is no joke. Hopefully, we were able to provide you with a trusted source of roller shutters.
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List of Roller Shutter Suppliers in Poland

  1. Constans sp. z o.o.
  2. Aluplast sp. z o.o.
  3. Aikon Distribution
  5. Eko-Okna S.A.
  6. DRUTEX S.A.
  7. Petecki Investment Sp. z o.o.
  8. Rolety AMD
  9. Polwindow Distribution

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