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Roller shutter doors provide safety, security, and appeal to the space. Because of their benefits, roller shutter doors have been increasing in popularity in recent years.

There are some common types of roller shutter doors:

  • Rapid roller shutter doors
  • PVC roller shutter doors
  • Metal roller shutter door
  • Insulated roller shutter doors
  • Aluminum roller shutter doors
  • Fire shutter door

Want to know the best roller shutter door manufacturers and suppliers in Egypt? In this guide, we did an in-depth investigation of the leading roller shutter door suppliers and manufacturing companies.


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List of Roller Shutter Door Suppliers in Egypt


Egyptian Made Roller Shutter Door Brand - SMART SHUTTER CampanySource:

SMART SHUTTER Campany has been producing roller shutter systems for more than 15 years. The goal, that we have always been working hard to achieve, is that each client who buys SMART SHUTTER systems at a moderate price gain more than just quality and safety, ease of use, and a long-term guarantee.

It is very important for us that our clients gain all the advantages of SMART SHUTTER systems as a whole: excellent functionality and fail-safe working capacity, intelligent and aesthetic beauty. Creating a product that deserves your attention means incorporating good design, functionality, and a sense of quality which is reflected throughout the full range of SMART SHUTTER  products, and being competitively priced we ensure all our clients are supported in the best way possible.

Main products:

  • Rolling Shutters
  • Rolling Blinds
  • Automatic Gates
  • Garage Door
  • Awing & Patio Cover
  • Automatic Curtains

Headquarters: Zohour Tower, El Nozha El Gedida, Cairo, Egypt

Nile Company

Egyptian Made Roller Shutter Door Brand - Nile CompanySource:

Since 1995, Nile Company for Industry and Equipment is Egypt’s leading expert in manufacturing and installing rolling doors, windows, and their belongings. Ranging in products and services, Nile Company is technologically advanced and primes the industry in the production and assembling of rolling shutters. Nile Company for Industry and Equipment dominates the region’s production reaching the middle east and gulf zones.

Since 1995, the vision of Nile Company was to enlighten and spread awareness of the necessity of rolling shutters in the market. With the quality, advantages, and unique aspects of the product, Nile Company shutters have become essential in the architecture and construction field. In collaboration with the producer, distributor, installer, and consumer, the chain is well aware of how this product has an effect on the built environment.

Headquarters: El Obour Industrial City Block 20025 / 11-12, Cairo, Egypt


Egyptian Made Roller Shutter Door Brand - MADAR EGYPTSource:

MADAR EGYPT is an international company specializing in building and decoration materials. It is one of the pioneering companies in the Middle East to produce Aluminum Rolling Shutter. Quality at MADAR EGYPT is considered a prime concern. The company emphasizes offering reliable products that provide peace of mind to users.

We study the ever-changing needs and adapt to the demands of the home and business customers. We accomplish this by constantly developing current products and introducing new ones with new features, durability, and high quality.

Our vision is to be a global leader in providing quality total solutions in rolling products and other building materials and decorations for homes and businesses.

Main products:

  • Aluminum Rolling Shutters
  • Steel Rolling Shutters
  • Aluminum Security Shutters
  • Aluminum Rolling Doors

Headquarters: First Industrial Zone, Obour City, Cairo, Egypt


Egyptian Made Roller Shutter Door Brand - SHUTTER FLEXSource:

SHUTTER FLEX was established in 2006, since when it succeeded to gain leadership in the Egyptian market throughout the years through the devotion of its staff that has built a strong business relationship, due to our wide and strong range of products in both public and private sectors.

SHUTTER FLEX has become a leader in performing projects in hospitals, banks, airports as well as various residential, industrial, recreational & educational fields. SHUTTER FLEX staff consists of approximately 16 employees varying between Sales, Customer Service, Installation, and Maintenance, who are highly qualified, energetic, and aggressive in their approaches.

Headquarters: An Nadi Al Ahli, Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt

Technology Valley

Egyptian Made Roller Shutter Door Brand - Technology ValleySource:

Established in 2003 with the increasing demand for automatic door systems. Through market research and customer needs, we have provided comprehensive and interrelated solutions for automatic doors of all types such as garage gates, gate gates, sliding gates, intrusion barriers, and traffic barriers.

The philosophy of the management of Technology Vale is based on the principle of responsibility and mutual respect. It operates in a unique environment with a cohesive structure that encourages more successful business and emphasizes the principle of respect for customers and employees.

Technology Valley for automatic doors is one of the well-known companies in Egypt, which provides the necessary solutions and integrated systems for both houses, companies, factories, bodies, and others. Technology Valley is the authorized dealer for V2 in Egypt since 2013.

Headquarters: Opposite Florida Mall, Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt.

Rolling Shutter

Egyptian Made Roller Shutter Door Brand - Rolling ShutterSource:

Rolling Shutter is a leading company of shutter products, the largest manufacturing companies agent in Egypt. Rolling Shutter Is characterized by fast-paced transporting and installation no matter how far the distance is, as we have a powerful and experienced installing team.

We also work and deal with sliding and hinge villa doors motors and garage doors too. The best value for rolling shutter is the after-sales service (Maintenance – Following Up – Warranty)

Main products:

  • Shutters Window
  • Motorized Doors
  • Motors

Headquarters: Al Salam First, Al Qalyubia Governorate, Egypt


Finding a reputable supplier is no joke. Hopefully, we were able to provide you with a trusted source of roller shutters.
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List of Roller Shutter Door Suppliers in Egypt

  1. SMART SHUTTER Campany
  2. Nile Company
  5. Technology Valley
  6. Rolling Shutter

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