Industrial Roller Shutter Companies in Greece

Industrial roller shutter doors can be found in factories, workshops, and warehouses. They are strong, reliable, durable, and noiseless. If the motor fails, the industrial roller shutter door can be switched to a manual operation.

There are a number of industrial roller shutter suppliers and manufacturers in Greece, If you want to order the best products, check out the list of the top companies below.

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List of Industrial Roller Shutter Suppliers in Greece

Kollias Ltd

Roller Shutter Manufacturer and Supplier in Greece - Kollias LtdSource:

Kollias Ltd was founded early in 1990 and since then has built up a reputation for reliability, as it continuously raises the standards by offering high quality – ergonomic products.

Innovation, quality, and safety have always been considered the company’s main goals. Thanks to the dedication of the Research and Development department, which constitutes the continuous driving force behind the innovations, Kollias Ltd has been well established in both domestic and overseas industrial markets holding over 20 patents. The vertical integration structure of Kollias Ltd enables the production of high-quality products in a short time tailored to the customer needs.

The company continuously expands the already wide range of products by improving the existing ones through the adoption of new technologies and embracing new proposals for the design and manufacture of projects according to international standards.

Main products:

  • Roller Shutters
  • Industrial Sectional Doors
  • Rapid Speed Pvc Doors
  • Loading Systems
  • Dock Houses
  • Dock Shelters

Headquarters: Petrou Ralli 204, Nikea 184 54, Greece


Roller Shutter Manufacturer and Supplier in Greece - BIOROL S.A.Source:

Biorol is a metal construction industry specializing in producing security rolling shutters, sectional doors, one-piece overhead doors, and industrial doors.

Since 2020 we expanded our manufacturing facilities with a new building right next to the current one. It is about 3.000 m2 of real estate for production, packaging, warehousing, and innovation on a 10.000 m2 area. Main products:


  • Innovative Ideas
  • Well Organized Workflows
  • High Quality Results
  • In Detail Researches
  • The Latest Technologies

Headquarters: 10th km P.E.O Katerinis Thessalonikis, Korinos, 60062, Greece


Roller Shutter Manufacturer and Supplier in Greece - GerolimatosSource:

GEROLIMATOS SA was founded in 1971. It specializes in the production and trading of metal security roller shutters and garage doors for residential, professional, and industrial use.

The manufacturing plant facilities are situated in Avlonas and they are housed in three modern buildings with a total floor area of 6.500 m2 (roofed spaces) and a yearly production capacity of 45.000 m2.

GEROLIMATOS SA is certified with EN ISO 9001:2008 and has CE certification (according to the UNI EN 13241-1 standard) for its products.

Main products:

  • Roller Shutters – Garage Doors
  • Up and Over Door
  • Industrial Equipment for Buildings
  • Industrial Up and Over Garage Door
  • Operators

Headquarters: 48th km Athens – Lamia N.R., 19011 Avlonas, Attica


Roller Shutter Manufacturer and Supplier in Greece - NEW DOORSource:

The company ”NEWDOOR” dynamically entered the field of automatic doors in the last 20 years.

The company had a rapid rise due to the professional consistency and quality of its products. Therefore it expanded by adding products for your home or business.

From security doors and inside doors to PVC frames, and window insect screens. Shading systems and awnings for your porch or your business to garage doors and shutter safety rolls.


  • NewDoor has specialized executives who can visit you in your place.
  • We stand beside you advisory, in any application need.
  • We have the best combination of quality – price for the products we supply.

Headquarters: Leof. Lavriou 286, Peania 190 02, Greece

Nicolis S.A.

Roller Shutter Manufacturer and Supplier in Greece - Nicolis S.A.Source:

Nicolis company was founded in 1975, it was established very soon in the Greek market and stood for quality, expertise, consistency in its transactions, honesty, and accountability that characterizes its partners. Today Nicolis company represents and works with the largest and most qualified companies worldwide, offering high-quality products at very affordable prices.

Maintaining during the years the personal character, personal contact with the customer, and the undiminished interest for development and growth has won the trust of the biggest names in the market and the most demanding solutions.

Thanks to our many years of experience and having applied the new quality management standard ISO 9001: 2008 (certified by TUV Rheinland) we have managed to provide sophisticated products that give your site security, aesthetics, and quality.

Main products:

  • Rolling Shutters
  • Roof Garage Doors
  • Fire Resistant Shutters
  • Garage Doors Operators
  • Rapid Curtains

Headquarters: Olimpou 92, ΜΠΡΑΧΑΜΙ 173 42, Greece

KATEE Automatic Doors

Roller Shutter Manufacturer and Supplier in Greece - KATEE Automatic DoorsSource:

KATEE – the largest manufacturing unit of security shutters in Northern Greece – was founded in Thessaloniki in 1984. The privately-owned factory located in Industrial Area covers 7500 square meters and is equipped with the latest technology machinery.

The Quality Assurance System ISO 9001:2015 and excellent technical expertise combined with sophisticated mechanical equipment, guarantee quality products. Our highly trained staff and the cautious selection of superb raw materials, and the long-term successful cooperation with famous foreign companies for automation construction specifically for KATEE, have established her in the market.

Main products:

  • Security Shutters
  • Security Doors
  • Fireproof Doors
  • Fast Sliding Door
  • Garage Doors

Headquarters: Industrial Area of Thessaloniki, Sindos, ΘΕΣΣΑΛΟΝΊΚΗ 570 22, Greece

Lowe Doors

Roller Shutter Manufacturer and Supplier in Greece - Lowe DoorsSource:

Since 2005, LOWEDOORS provides efficient solutions in the safety department. The passion for the subject, the constant researching for new economical solutions and the direct relationship with the client before and after the provided service, developed Lowedoors in to a dominated company.

The company’s experienced and qualified staff is well equipped and they are guaranteed the proper and prompt placement of the Lowe Doors products and other direct service. With criteria of quality products and customer-centric approach, the company offers many solutions in the best possible price and immediate and excellent service.

Main products:

  • Rolling shutters
  • Garage doors
  • Folding safety railings
  • Industrial doors
  • Fire resistant doors or for general use

Headquarters: Vlachernon 3, Kalamaria 551 33, Greece


Roller Shutter Manufacturer and Supplier in Greece - ALUMIN ROLLSSource:

Based on quality and the use of new technologies, ALUMIN ROLLS is the leading company in the design, production, and manufacture of roller shutter systems, garage doors, and windows strainers for houses and professional premises.

AluminRolls is based in a privately owned area of 6,000 square meters, with modern engineering facilities and highly trained staff. With vast experience and know-how, ALUMIN ROLLS has established relationships of trust with customers and partners and has designed innovative and patented products.

All our products are under the EN ISO 9001:2000 quality management system- for their design and manufacture.

Headquarters: Σταυροχώρι 611 00, Greece


Roller Shutter Manufacturer and Supplier in Greece - VIOMAL S.A.Source:

With more than 35 years of operation and a leading position in the aluminum industry in Greece, Viomal SA, a subsidiary of ElvalHalcor, presents its renewed corporate identity. VIOMAL S.A. was founded in 1985, the company operates a branch office and a product distribution center for the customers of Northern Greece and the Balkan countries.

The primary production activity of the company is the Aluminium Rolling Shutters, with the use of aluminum coil as the main raw material. The Rolling Shutters range has been completed with the vertical production of accessories, the Galvanized Octagonal Axis, and the Aluminium Boxes, either with polyurethane insulation or extruded.

Headquarters: Vatontas – Nea Artaki,, 346 00 Nea Artaki, Greece

Panagiotis Eleftheriotis

Roller Shutter Manufacturer and Supplier in Greece - Panagiotis EleftheriotisSource:

The company PANAGIOTIS ELEFTHERIOTIS is located in Ilion, Attica and has been active for over 15 years throughout Greece. Our company specializes in shop roller shutters, automatic door mechanisms, garage doors.

With specialized knowledge and years of experience, we undertake the construction, repair, and restoration of products and automation with consistency, professionalism, and affordable prices. We maintain long-lasting and trustful relationships with the best-known companies in the field, so as to offer you safe and quality products.

Our many years of experience can guarantee that you meet your requirements in the best way, in terms of safety, functionality, and aesthetics.

Headquarters: Konstantinoupoleos 4, Kamatero 134 51, Greece


Roller Shutter Manufacturer and Supplier in Greece - MAR DOORSSource:

MARDOORS started its business activity in the field of construction in 2013 based on Ilion Attica and since then offers its products and services with efficiency, consistency, and reliability in all regions of Greece.

With the task of distributing safe products and providing quality services, we ensure the satisfaction of our customers and the growth of our partners by providing high-quality products ideal for home, commercial and industrial environments. With excellent methods and times and through the development that has been achieved with a number of important projects and collaborations, MARDOORS can confidently claim to be a responsible partner and a reliable and flexible solution for the customer.

Main products:

  • Security Rolls
  • Garage doors
  • Door Automation
  • Fire Doors
  • Special Doors and
  • Parking systems.

Headquarters: Priamou 30, Ilion 131 22, Greece


Finding a reputable supplier is no joke. Hopefully, we were able to provide you with a trusted source of roller shutters.
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