Sectional Door Manufacturers in China

Sectional doors are garage or industrial doors made up of horizontal sections that slide up and overhead when opened, providing efficient use of space and security. There are many sectional door manufacturers and suppliers in China.

If you have searched far and wide for the top suppliers in China to no avail, this is the right place for you. Here we’ve listed the top companies supplying sectional doors.

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List of the Best Sectional door Manufacturers in China

Hebei RAX Door Technology Co., Ltd

Best Chinese Made Sectional Door Brand - Hebei RAX Door Technology Co., LtdSource:

Hebei RAX Door Technology Co., Ltd is an experienced door manufacturer in the North of China. Since the very beginning, we have been focused on offering a one-stop solution of the sectional overhead doors for our main customers.

We have set out on a big ambition to ensure customer satisfaction by creating a digital transformation plan that will continue to build a platform for sustainable, profitable growth in the long term. We are committed to ensuring an efficient system that solves supply chain issues and provides value to our customers, partners and businesses.

Our mission is to inspire and empower a smarter future that provides growth opportunities for all stakeholders.

Main products:

  • Sectional garage doors
  • Insulated Sectional Doors
  • Industrial overhead doors
  • High speed doors
  • Customized sectional doors
  • Sectional door openers

Headquarters: Majiawu Industry, Renqiu City, Hebei Province, China

Dongguan Xinyi Door Co., Ltd.

Chinese Made Sectional Door Brand - Dongguan Xinyi Door Co., Ltd.Source:

We strictly follow ISO 9001 quality management system to operate our factory ensuring every process of production meets the client’s needs. We have hot press machines and automatic spraying equipment with a professional support team, which makes us different in model development, mass production and after-sale service.

We have over 100 workers,10 engineers and 15 support technicians to provide customer service to our clients. Many of our products are customized but we also have over 30 designs for customers to choose from.


  • Efficient thermal insulation
  • Wind-proof, low noise
  • Anti-theft
  • Multiple opening methods

Headquarters: The First Industrial Zone, Shabu Village, Dalang Town, Dongguan, Guangdong

Deseo Group

Chinese Made Sectional Door Brand - Deseo GroupSource:

We can supply a one-stop-shop in our company, sectional door, high-speed door, dock leveller and dock shelter. With advanced management and production technics, we already have established marketing and after-sales service networks all around the whole country which can provide perfect products and technical support for customers.

Quality is everything! We main on supplying high-quality products to every client, focus on long term business to establish our brand in the world. We do our best to make our business is easier.

Main products:

  • Insulated Sectional Door
  • Overhead Sectional Door
  • Aluminum Sectional Door
  • Loading Dock Leveler
  • Inflatable Dock Shelter
  • Loading Dock Shelter


Bestar Automatic Doors Co., Ltd

Chinese Made Sectional Door Brand - Bestar Automatic Doors Co., LtdSource:

With over 11+ years of production experience, we have become the leading roller doors and sectional doors manufacturer with pioneering product solutions, export all over the world.

We have a professional technical team, which is made up of 9 senior engineers, continuously focusing on developing new styles of roller shutter doors and sectional overhead doors.

We have established a strict quality control system throughout the entire manufacturing process, from raw materials sourcing, production, packing to shipment, which will make you enjoy high-quality products.

Main products:

  • residential garage door
  • commercial sectional door
  • industrial overhead door

Headquarters: Jieyang City, Guang Dong Province.


Chinese Made Sectional Door Brand - SHANGHAI LESHO DOOR CO., LTD.Source:

Lesho is a Modern Intelligent Industrial door manufacturer in china with 28 years of experience, committed to providing different industry background customers with complete customized Entrance Solutions in cleanroom areas, low-temperature refrigeration areas, and loading bay areas.

Based on product quality and customer service, we have developed our customers in so many overseas countries. Now Lesho has become the designated supplier of many world top 500 and domestic well-known enterprises.

Main products:

  • Industrial Sectional Overhead Door
  • Transparent Sectional door

Headquarters: Lane 1088, Mingcheng Road, Fengxian District, Shanghai, China..

Shanghai Kenvo Door Co., Ltd

Chinese Made Sectional Door Brand - Shanghai Kenvo Door Co., LtdSource:

Established in 1995,Kenvo is one of the earliest professional manufacturers of industrial doors in China market. A wide product line is developed during many years of industry experience and through absorbing mature design concepts from worldwide developed markets, to meet specific needs from various industries and situations.

Since the year 2006, we have been running and expanding our overseas business. Abundant experience is gained to realize cost-effective entrance door solutions for our foreign clients.

Dozens of World-Fortune-500 companies and hundreds of renowned China domestic companies have chosen us and enjoyed our high-quality product and service.

Headquarters: Industrial Park of Shengli Village, Shaxi Town, Taicang City, Jiangsu Province, China.


It is important to find a supplier that you can partner with for a long time and one that you can grow your business with. We hope that our list was enough for you to find your ideal supplier.

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Sectional Door Manufacturers & Suppliers in China
List of the Best Sectional door Manufacturers in China

  1. Hebei RAX Door Technology Co., Ltd
  2. Dongguan Xinyi Door Co., Ltd.
  3. Deseo Group
  4. Bestar Automatic Doors Co., Ltd
  6. Shanghai Kenvo Door Co., Ltd

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