Garage Door Brand List in Germany

Garage doors can be used for either residential or commercial purposes. People choose garage doors for their convenience, security, and aesthetic appeal. They are available in a variety of materials and designs to fit any style or functional requirement.

There are so many garage doors manufacturers and suppliers in Germany, if you are looking for the best ones, this is the right place for you.

List of the Best Garage Door Manufacturers & Suppliers in Germany

Novoferm GmbH

German Made Garage Door Brand - Novoferm GmbHSource:

With more than 3000 employees Novoferm is one of the largest European system suppliers of doors, garage doors, frames and operators for uses in the private, trade and industrial sectors. Founded in 1955 we manufacture today in Europe and distribute our products in many countries of the world.

Our products take into account the customary requirements of the various countries and meet national standards and test regulations. Of course, we are certified to ISO 9001 and manufacture using the latest techniques whilst being considerate to the environment.

Main products:

  • Sectional garage doors
  • Up-and-over garage doors
  • Barn garage doors
  • Matching garage side doors

Headquarters: Eisenhüttenweg 6, 44309 Dortmund

Entrematic Germany GmbH

German Made Garage Door Brand - Entrematic Germany GmbHSource:

Normstahl GmbH, founded in 1946, now belongs to a large Swedish group and has been operating as Entrematic in this organisation since 2012. Offering a wide range of systems such as sectional doors, one-piece doors and roller doors, Normstahl has a product to suit virtually any type of application.

Entrematic is a new and innovative company that services the entire range of automatic entry systems. Besides Normstahl, it unites the Dynaco, EM and Ditec brands – a combination of specialist product brands that stand for premium quality, quick delivery and exceptional customer service. Normstahl takes its place as a renowned brand for entry products with pioneering technology for private and industrial applications.

Main products:

  • sectional garage door
  • roller garage door
  • one-piece garage door

Headquarters: Am Söldnermoos 17, 85399 Hallbergmoos


German Made Garage Door Brand - TECKENTRUP GMBH & CO. KGSource:

With 90 years of experience, we use durable, high-quality materials and work with the greatest precision. Whether it’s a new development or a refurbishment project, you need to be able to rely on practical solutions and technologies that ideally adapt to on-site specifications. TÜV-certified quality ensures top marks for safety and durability.

Our CarTeck garage doors are tough as steel and meet the heavy-duty demands for everyday use. Our garage doors move smoothly in everyday operation. Smooth-running motors, precise controls and fast-reacting, dynamic drive technology give you unparalleled comfort in both, going and returning. Together with our specialist partners, we provide everything from a single source, from online planning to installation. We provide expert advice and always the best service during installation and maintenance.

Main products:

  • Industrial sectional doors
  • Sectional garage doors
  • Up-and-over garage doors
  • Garage door drives

Headquarters: Industriestrasse 50, 33415 Verl, Germany


German Made Garage Door Brand - ALUKON KGSource:

Since its founding in 1974, ALUKON has become one of the leading suppliers of roller shutters, garage doors/roller doors, sun protection and insect protection in Europe. What began as a regional craft enterprise with three employees in a small warehouse has today grown into a state-of-the-art medium-sized industrial enterprise with almost 500 employees.

The broad product range, paired with an unusually large vertical range of manufacture, allows for a large number of variants that meet even highly unusual customer requirements.

Main products:

  • Roller Door
  • Roller Grill
  • Overhead Door

Headquarters: Münchberger Straße 31, 95176 Konradsreuth


German Made Garage Door Brand - AluluxSource:

Driving us for more than 50 years: the development of premium-quality, pioneering products that are ahead of their time. Innovative results of the art of German engineering, quality products “Made in Germany”.

We are often trailblazers in our industry. From production and product development right through to the management level, we always want to give fresh impetus to the market and offer our customers the best products possible.

Main products:

  • Overhead door
  • Boxed roller door
  • Lateral-running door
  • Roller door for carports and garages

Headquarters: Messingstraße 16, Verl, Germany


German Made Garage Door Brand - ROMA KGSource:

ROMA is the leading brand for sun-screening systems with the highest requirements in terms of functionality, aesthetics and durability.

Our most important insight over these past 40 years: A sense of home starts at the window.

ROMA roller shutters are dynamically controllable design elements for façades and provide effective protection against capricious weather.

Main products:

  • Roofline Doors
  • Roller Doors
  • Roller Grilles

Headquarters: Bavarian-Swabia

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