Garage Door Wholesale Suppliers in Israel

There are types of garage doors, such as Rolling garage doors, High-speed garage doors, Panel garage doors, and sliding garage doors. They are widely used for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. This article will give you the ultimate list of the best garage door manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers, and distributors in Israel.

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List of the Best Garage Door Suppliers in Israel

Trellidor Group

Israeli Garage Door Company - Trellidor GroupSource:

The Trellidor Group was established in 1991,it is an international company and market leader in Israel and around the world. Trellidor’s 350 employees in different fields include 60 installation and service teams. We believe in investing in human capital and development and incorporating these into our high-quality products.

Trellidor Israel has a 30 year history of manufacturing, marketing and installing a wide selection of security products designed for homes and businesses. These include metal grilles and bars to secure various types of openings. Designs include fixed grilles, retractable (harmonica) grilles, see-through grilles and grilles tailor-made  for the specific needs of the customer. The company’s branches around the country offer a variety of unique and creative solutions. Consultation is available for every type of customer, private or corporate, architects, inspectors and builders.

Main products:

  • Panel garage doors
  • Aluminum gates
  • Sliding gates

Headquarters: Altalef St 25, Yehud, Israel

Ofer automatic gates

Israeli Garage Door Company - Ofer automatic gatesSource:

Ofer automatic gates is Israel’s leading manufacturer of automatic gates and doors of all kinds. We offer the highest-quality products and back them with a complete support service.

Our company is well known in Israel and is considered the best in quality and service. The company is active in this field for over 40 years and has a large skilled staff which includes engineers, technicians, electricians and a customer service department. All of the company´s products are being tested frequently according to ISO 9001. The company demands the very highest quality standards and is certified by the Standards Institution of Israel.

Main products:

  • Automatic Doors
  • Shutters & Grills
  • High Speed Doors
  • Garage Doors
  • Automatic Door Motors
  • Remote Controls

Headquarters: Ha-Melakha St 30, Holon, Israel

Shearim (Av-Shaar)

Israeli Garage Door Company - Shearim (Av-Shaar)Source:

Shearim (Av-Shaar) has been operating in the field of manufacturing and installing electric and automatic gates for 20 years.

The company is a leading company in the field of reliable and high-quality production of various types of electric gates, automatic gates and at the same time maintains the provision of professional and efficient installation services to every customer.

Gates (Av-Shaar) where the best expert in the fieldwork and provides extensive and advanced services through the professional use of the best-advanced technologies and prestigious and innovative equipment.

We exclusively import, market and install the world’s leading brands in the field of electric gates, barriers, automatic doors, industrial doors, high-speed doors and motors for electric gates.

Headquarters: Holon, Israel


Israeli Garage Door Company - IntermetalSource:

For three decades now, Intermetal has been offering businesses throughout the country designed, safe, high-quality and aesthetic security solutions, customized to the requirements of the business and with a wide range of operating methods and finishes.

Intermetal specializes in designing shutters, doors, bars and roller gates designed for industrial buildings, businesses and organizations. The combination of maximum security and an aesthetic and impressive design is made possible due to quality products at the highest level in uncompromising quality standards. Not only are the products designed to suit the specific development of each property, but they are also manufactured by the most advanced mechanization and equipment and with unique and exclusive production methods in the field of shutter production.

Main products:

  • Rolling doors
  • Scroll bars
  • Rolling gates
  • Roller shutters

Headquarters: Ashkelon, Israel

Rav-Shaar Company

5. Israeli Garage Door Company -Rav-Shaar CompanySource:

Rav-Shaar Company was established in 1996. Since its inception, the company has gained extensive experience in marketing, installation and service for electric gates. The service is provided with an emphasis on quality and meeting schedules. The company markets provides repair services for a variety of types of electric gates and protection product.

Today multi-gate is proud to provide advice and service to both private clients and large companies, Our staff offers the winning combination of professionalism, reliability, warranty and excellent service. Over the years we perform many jobs and tailor all our customers the best solutions for them while placing great emphasis on service, which puts us at the forefront of the electric gate repair industry.

Main products:

  • Panal garage doors
  • Automatic door motors

Headquarters: Ashkelon, Israel


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List of the Best Garage Door Suppliers in Israel

  1. Trellidor Group
  2. Ofer automatic gates
  3. Shearim (Av-Shaar)
  4. Intermetal
  5. Rav-Shaar Company

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