Industrial Door Comapnies in Norway

Doors that are used for industrial applications are called industrial doors or commercial doors, according to the design, there are roller shutter doors, high-speed doors, sectional doors, and hangar doors.

If you are looking for the best Industrial door manufacturers and suppliers in Norway, this is the right place for you.

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List of the Best Industrial Door Companies in Norway

Windsor Door

Industrial Door Manufacturer and Brand in Norway - Windsor DoorSource:

Windsor Door has its roots all the way back to 1961, it is one of the country’s largest and most traditional players in the door industry. Over the years, the company has developed from being a small manufacturer to becoming a total supplier within gates and loading systems with agencies for a number of quality products. In the years ahead, we will further sharpen and specialize the company, and we look forward to the coming decades with deliveries of market-leading products to quality-conscious, Norwegian companies.

Our district offices are centrally located in 12 cities in Norway, from Arendal in the south to Tromsø in the north. Our over 80 employees; service technicians, logistics experts, administrators, sales consultants and experienced professionals are ready to help.

Main products:

  • High-speed doors
  • Folding doors
  • Fire protection
  • Roller grille / Roller blind
  • Rolling gates

Headquarters: Vågsmarka 7, 5680 Tysnes, Norway

Scanporten AS

Industrial Door Manufacturer and Brand in Norway - Scanporten ASSource:

Scanporten AS is a growing player in door solutions for all purposes in the Nordic region and has since 2014 delivered quality products to the private and business industries in the country. With a large inventory and our own test room for doors and automation, we are always at the forefront to ensure that our customers receive the best products, with perhaps the market’s shortest delivery times.

As a manufacturer of gates, we are affiliated with a good network of fitters and dealers in the country.

Main products:

  • Articulated lift gates
  • High-speed doors
  • Rolling doors
  • Spiral doors
  • Side doors

Headquarters: Eternitveien 44, 3470 Slemmestad, Norway

Auto Lift AS

Industrial Door Manufacturer and Brand in Norway - Auto Lift ASSource:

Autolift AS was started in 1999 as a quality supplier of brands in workshop equipment, lifting equipment and machines for the automotive industry. We are constantly evolving, and have gradually expanded our field to include consulting, engineering, assembly and service on all our products.

Autolift is located at Heimdalsmyra in Trondheim.Today we are 16 employees divided into fitters, sales and service. We are concerned with quality and work with quality suppliers to be able to offer the best products.

Main products:

  • Articulated gate
  • High-speed gate
  • Rolling gate
  • Grid system, roller grid
  • Foldeport
  • Fire door

Headquarters: Torgårdstrøa 12, 7072 Heimdal, Norway

Troms portservice AS

Industrial Door Manufacturer and Brand in Norway - Troms portservice ASSource:

Your complete door supplier Since 1992, With long experience in our industry, we can offer gates, loading systems and road barriers of the highest quality. We supply to both the commercial and the private market. We place great emphasis on service and can serve most types and brands.

We deliver, assemble and service most types and brands within our product segment. We represent several manufacturers within industrial and environmental gates, loading systems, automation, road barriers.

Main products:

  • High speed doors
  • Fire Doors & Fire Curtains
  • Hangar and slip doors
  • Folding door
  • Rolling bars and blinds

Headquarters: Terminalgata 84, 9019 Tromsø, Norway

Industriporter AS

Industrial Door Manufacturer and Brand in Norway - Industriporter ASSource:

Industriporter AS was started in 1984 by Arne Henry Moe and celebrated in 2014 30 years as a company. Industriporter is a total supplier of gates and loading systems for industry and industry, as well as private customers. We are 12 employees in the company and our head office is located in the industrial field at Jessheim. We serve customers throughout Akershus, Oslo, Østfold, Buskerud, Hedmark etc.

Main products:

  • sectional doors
  • folding doors
  • sliding doors
  • high-speed doors
  • rolling doors
  • PVC curtains

Headquarters: Industrivegen 20, 2069 Jessheim, Norway

IPS AS Industrial doors

Industrial Door Manufacturer and Brand in Norway - IPS AS Industrial doorsSource:

Industriportspesialisten AS (IPS AS Industriporter) was registered on 01.09.2001. Our experience in the industrial gate industry dates back to 1969. That is several decades with all types of industrial gates as special fields.

IPS AS Industriporter is a representative of several manufacturers of industrial doors, loading systems, high-speed doors, road barriers, door automation and various engine controls.

IPS AS Industriporter has entered into cooperation agreements with a number of specialists (contractors) in mechanical assembly, as well as an electrical installation with the main focus on Eastern Norway and the rest of the country.

Headquarters: Jerikoveien 10 C, 1067 Oslo, Norway


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Industrial Door Manufacturers in Norway
List of the Best Industrial Door Companies in Norway

  1. Windsor Door
  2. Scanporten AS
  3. Auto Lift AS
  4. Troms portservice AS
  5. Industriporter AS
  6. IPS AS Industrial doors

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