Sectional Door Suppliers in Saudi Arabia

Sectional doors are also called sectional overhead doors, if you have searched far and wide for the top suppliers of sectional doors in Saudi Arabia to no avail, this is the right place for you. Here we’ve listed the top companies manufacturing Sectional doors.

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List of Sectional door Suppliers in Saudi Arabia

Al-Yamamah Doors

Saudi Arabian Sectional Door Manufacturer - Al-Yamamah DoorsSource:

Al-Yamamah Doors Company manufactures all kinds of doors and windows with international specifications through the use of genuine and quality raw materials and utilizes the professional, efficient and experienced manpower to manufacture high-quality products suitable for all markets

We work constantly and continuously on the development, spread and expansion of the factory, and the development of human resources through the latest methods of research and training to create a distinctive mix able to meet the market continuously and reach the consumer as soon as possible through the deployment of our branches in most regions of the Kingdom to provide our products and meet their desire.

Headquarters: JV7F+XF5, Al Mashael, Riyadh 14326, Saudi Arabia

Al Barrak Automatic Doors

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Al-Barrak Group Company for Trade, Industry and Contracting, is one of the leading companies in the manufacturing and maintenance of automatic doors. The factory has the expertise and industrial technology to produce an integrated set of roll doors and provide metal doors and roadblocks.

Overall these years, if there is one thing that has remained constant for the company, it is its passion for excellence, 2013 AL Barrak Automatic Door Factory Joined Al Barrak Group In 2017 Al Barrak Group has obtained an ISO certificate for the purpose of ensuring the quality of internationally agreed requirements.

Main products:

  • Sectional Overhead Garage Doors
  • Panorama Sectional Door
  • Industrial Sectional Overhead Garage Doors
  • Spiral Insulated Door
  • Industrial Flexible Doors – Speed Traffic

Headquarters: Al Takhassousi, Al Olaya, Riyadh 11564, Saudi Arabia

Al Mosa Automatic Doors

Saudi Arabian Sectional Door Manufacturer - Al Mosa Automatic DoorsSource:

Starting 1984, we have proven our name in the industrial market, by studying and innovating constantly to provide state-of-the-art and high-quality products to distribute in Saudi Arabia. We have extended our branches up to 52 outlets covering the major cities in Southern, Eastern, Western, Northern and Central regions in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Quality and customer satisfaction are the commitment of Almoosa Doors aside from innovation and continuous advancement.

Headquarters: At Takhassusi Branch St, Al Olaya, Riyadh 12333, Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabian Sectional Door Manufacturer - PETESource:

PETE has emerged as one of the market leaders in the supply, installation and service for a range of automatic doors in the Central Region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

PETE ensures that the equipment supplied to its customer makes their workplaces safer, highly productive and energy-efficient. Its Sales & Technical Team is trained & certified by the manufacturer have the experience and expertise to develop and supply a customised range of products apart from standard specification. PETE team has always been accorded by customers as one of the best service-oriented companies in the segment.

Main products:

  • Sectional Door for Garages/ Residential purpose.
  • Industrial Sectional Doors for Industry, Factories, Commercial establishments.
  • Panaromic Sectional door for Industry & Showroom

Headquarters: 4716, Riyadh 14315, Saudi Arabia


It is important to find a supplier that you can partner with for a long time and one that you can grow your business with. We hope that our list was enough for you to find your ideal supplier.

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Sectional Door Suppliers in Saudi Arabia
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