Fire Rated Roller Shutter

The RAX Fire-Rated Roller Shutter is a high-quality and reliable solution for protecting commercial and industrial buildings from the spread of fire. These shutters are designed to provide exceptional fire resistance while ensuring the smooth operation of the door.

Manufactured using high-grade materials and cutting-edge technology, RAX Fire-Rated Roller Shutters meet stringent industry standards for fire protection. With their advanced insulation and heat-resistant properties, these roller shutters effectively prevent flames and smoke from spreading between areas, minimizing damage and allowing safe evacuation during emergencies. RAX Fire-Rated Roller Shutters are the ultimate choice for safeguarding your property and personnel.

Your Premier Manufacturer Of Fire Rated Roller Shutter

RAX Door is a leading manufacturer of high-quality, innovative door solutions for commercial and industrial applications. Our focus on safety, durability, and performance sets us apart from our competitors.

RAX Door features and advantages:

  • Stringent quality control
  • Customizable solutions
  • Competitive pricing
  • Excellent customer service
  • Commitment to safety and compliance with industry standards
  • Use of advanced materials and technology
  • Expert design and engineering capabilities
MaterialHigh-grade steel or aluminum options available
Fire Resistance60, 120, 180, and 240-minute ratings
InsulationAdvanced insulation technology for heat resistance and energy efficiency
Closure MechanismAutomatic closing with integrated sensors during emergencies
Manual OverrideManual release system for operation during power failure or malfunction
ComplianceMeets industry standards and certifications for fire protection
CustomizationSize, color, and operation method (manual, electric, or automated)
Safety FeaturesSafety edges, emergency stop buttons, and vision panels available
WeightVaries depending on material, size, and insulation type

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    The Ultimate Guide to Fire-Rated Roller Shutter Doors

    Fire-rated roller shutter doors are an essential component of modern building designs, providing an added layer of safety and protection against the spread of fires. This comprehensive guide will explore the various features, benefits, and considerations that wholesale buyers should take into account when purchasing fire-rated roller shutter doors for their projects.

    Key Features of Fire-Rated Roller Shutter Doors

    Fire Rated Roller Shutter

    • Fire Resistance: These doors are specifically designed to resist fire, with materials and construction methods that can withstand high temperatures for a specified duration. Most fire-rated roller shutter doors have a fire resistance rating between 60 minutes and 240 minutes.
    • Safety Compliance: Fire-rated roller shutter doors must meet strict international safety standards and regulations, such as the British Standard BS 476, the European Standard EN 1634, and the Singapore Standard SS 332.
    • Insulation: The doors provide thermal insulation, helping to maintain a stable temperature within the building and reduce energy consumption.
    • Automatic Closing Mechanisms: These doors are equipped with automatic closing systems, which activate when triggered by a fire alarm or smoke detector, ensuring rapid closure in the event of a fire.
    • Customization: Fire-rated roller shutter doors can be customized to fit various applications and design specifications, including size, color, and finish.

    Advantages of Fire-Rated Roller Shutter Doors

    1. Enhanced Fire Protection: These doors significantly reduce the spread of fire, limiting property damage and potential loss of life.
    2. Improved Building Safety: With the addition of fire-rated roller shutter doors, buildings are more compliant with fire safety regulations and insurance requirements.
    3. Energy Efficiency: The insulating properties of these doors contribute to energy savings by maintaining stable indoor temperatures.
    4. Security: Fire-rated roller shutter doors provide a strong physical barrier against unauthorized access, vandalism, and theft.
    5. Durability: These doors are built to last, with robust construction and high-quality materials that can withstand harsh environments and heavy use.

    Considerations for Wholesale Buyers

    Fire Rated Roller Shutter Drawing

    • Fire Resistance Rating: Consider the required fire resistance rating for your project, taking into account local regulations and building codes.
    • Material: Steel and aluminum are the most common materials used in the construction of fire-rated roller shutter doors. Steel offers greater strength and fire resistance, while aluminum is lighter and more corrosion-resistant.
    • Size and Specifications: Ensure that the doors you select are suitable for your specific application, considering factors such as door size, opening mechanism, and aesthetic requirements.
    • Maintenance and Servicing: Regular maintenance and servicing are essential for the optimal performance and longevity of fire-rated roller shutter doors. Choose a manufacturer that offers comprehensive after-sales support and maintenance services.
    • Warranty: A reliable warranty is essential when investing in fire-rated roller shutter doors. Look for manufacturers that offer robust warranties, demonstrating confidence in the quality and performance of their products.

    Why Choose RAX Door as Your Fire-Rated Roller Shutter Door Manufacturer

    At RAX Door, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality, reliable, and customizable fire-rated roller shutter doors. Our products are designed to meet the highest international safety standards, ensuring compliance with building codes and regulations. We offer a wide range of fire resistance ratings, materials, and customization options to suit the unique needs of your projects.

    In addition to our superior product offerings, RAX Door is committed to providing exceptional customer service and support. Our team of experts is available to assist you throughout the selection, installation, and maintenance process, ensuring a seamless experience for our wholesale buyers. By choosing RAX Door,

    you can trust that you are investing in top-quality fire-rated roller shutter doors that deliver unmatched performance, safety, and durability.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do fire-rated roller shutter doors work?

    Fire-rated roller shutter doors work by creating a barrier that prevents the spread of fire and smoke between different areas of a building. When triggered by a fire alarm or smoke detector, these doors automatically close, providing a fire-resistant barrier for a specified duration.

    What are the most common materials used for fire-rated roller shutter doors?

    The most common materials used for fire-rated roller shutter doors are steel and aluminum. Steel offers superior strength and fire resistance, while aluminum is lighter and more resistant to corrosion.

    Can fire-rated roller shutter doors be retrofitted into existing buildings?

    Yes, fire-rated roller shutter doors can be retrofitted into existing buildings, providing an added layer of fire protection and safety. However, it is essential to consult with a professional to ensure proper installation and compliance with local regulations.

    Are fire-rated roller shutter doors suitable for all types of buildings?

    Fire-rated roller shutter doors are suitable for a wide range of buildings, including commercial, industrial, and residential properties. These doors are especially important in buildings with a high fire risk or where fire compartmentalization is required.

    What is the typical fire resistance rating for fire-rated roller shutter doors?

    Fire-rated roller shutter doors typically have a fire resistance rating between 60 minutes and 240 minutes. The required rating will depend on the building's specific requirements and local regulations.

    Are there any aesthetic options available for fire-rated roller shutter doors?

    Yes, fire-rated roller shutter doors can be customized in various colors, finishes, and styles to match the aesthetic requirements of your project.

    How do I choose the right fire-rated roller shutter door for my project?

    Consider factors such as the required fire resistance rating, material, size, aesthetic preferences, and maintenance requirements when selecting the right fire-rated roller shutter door for your project. It's also essential to work with a reputable manufacturer that can offer expert guidance and support throughout the process.

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