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RAX Door is proud to introduce our innovative and high-quality fire curtains designed to protect lives and property in the event of a fire. Our fire curtains are engineered with advanced materials and technology to offer reliable and effective fire and smoke protection. The curtains can be installed in commercial and industrial buildings, providing a robust and versatile solution for compartmentalizing fires and containing smoke.

Safety is our top priority, and our fire curtains are compliant with strict fire regulations and standards. They are designed to automatically deploy in case of a fire, sealing off the affected area, and preventing the spread of fire and smoke to other parts of the building. This allows for safe evacuation and protects valuable assets from damage. Choose RAX Door fire curtains for unparalleled performance and peace of mind.

Your Premier Manufacturer Of Fire Curtain

RAX Door, an industry leader in fire protection solutions, specializes in the design, manufacture, and wholesale of high-quality fire curtains for commercial and industrial applications. Our commitment to innovation and excellence ensures that our products always meet the most stringent safety standards.

Advantages of RAX Door:

  • Cutting-edge technology and materials for maximum safety
  • Customizable solutions tailored to client requirements
  • Fast and efficient installation process
  • Comprehensive after-sales support and maintenance services
  • Unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and safety
Fire RatingUp to 4 hours fire resistance, compliant with fire regulations and standards
DimensionsCustomizable to fit client requirements; widths up to 30m and drops up to 10m
DeploymentAutomatic, triggered by fire alarm or smoke detector
Operating SpeedControlled descent at 0.1m/s, adjustable to specific requirements
Safety FeaturesEmergency backup power supply and manual override
Warranty5-year comprehensive warranty coverage for product and installation
CertificationsCompliance with BS 8524, EN 1634-1, and UL 10D industry safety standards and regulations

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    The Comprehensive Guide to Fire Curtains

    Importance of Fire Curtains in Building Safety

    fire resistant curtainFire curtains play a crucial role in preventing the spread of fire and smoke in a building. They act as a barrier, effectively compartmentalizing sections of the building and providing a safe escape route for occupants. Here are some reasons why fire curtains are essential in modern buildings:

    • Compliance with fire safety regulations: Installing fire curtains is often necessary to comply with building regulations and standards. They help maintain the integrity of a building’s fire safety design by preventing the spread of fire and smoke.
    • Protection of life and property: Fire curtains help protect occupants by providing a safe escape route and reducing the risk of injury or death due to smoke inhalation. They also protect property by containing the fire, minimizing damage and potential repair costs.
    • Preservation of historic structures: In historic buildings, fire curtains can be an effective solution for preserving the original architecture while meeting modern fire safety requirements.

    Fire Curtains vs. Smoke Curtains: Understanding the Differences

    Fire curtains and smoke curtains serve different purposes in a building’s fire safety system. Here are the key differences between the two:

    1. Function: Fire curtains are designed to prevent the spread of flames, while smoke curtains primarily prevent the spread of smoke.
    2. Material: Fire curtains are typically made of fire-resistant materials such as fiberglass, while smoke curtains may be made from lighter, more flexible materials.
    3. Fire resistance rating: Fire curtains have a higher fire resistance rating than smoke curtains, allowing them to withstand higher temperatures for longer periods.
    4. Installation: Fire curtains are often installed in areas with a high risk of fire, such as kitchens and stairwells, while smoke curtains are more commonly found in areas with a high risk of smoke accumulation.

    Applications and Use Cases

    fire resistant curtainFire and smoke curtains can be used in various settings to enhance safety and protect occupants and property. Some common applications include:

    • Commercial buildings: Offices, retail stores, and other commercial spaces often use fire and smoke curtains to protect valuable assets and maintain safe evacuation routes.
    • Public buildings: Hospitals, schools, museums, and other public facilities use fire and smoke curtains to protect occupants and preserve important cultural or historical artifacts.
    • Industrial facilities: Factories, warehouses, and other industrial spaces use fire and smoke curtains to prevent the spread of fire and smoke between different sections of the building and protect valuable equipment.
    • Entertainment venues: Theaters, cinemas, and concert halls often use fire and smoke curtains to protect both the audience and the performers in the event of a fire.

    Fire Curtain Testing: Ensuring Quality and Performance

    Fire curtains must undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet the required standards for fire resistance and performance. Tests include:

    • Fire resistance: This test measures the curtain’s ability to withstand exposure to high temperatures without failing. Fire curtains are classified based on their fire resistance rating, which ranges from 30 minutes to 4 hours.
    • Smoke leakage: This test evaluates the curtain’s ability to prevent the passage of smoke. A successful smoke curtain should have minimal smoke leakage.
    • Cyclic operation: This test assesses the curtain’s durability and reliability by simulating repeated use over time.

    What to Look for in a High-Quality Fire Curtain?

    fire resistant curtainWhen choosing a fire curtain for your building, consider the following specifications:

    • Fire resistance rating: The curtain should have a suitable fire resistance rating for the intended application, such as 30, 60, 120, or 240 minutes.
    • Smoke leakage: The curtain should have a low smoke leakage rate to effectively prevent the spread of smoke.
    • Curtain material: The curtain should be made of a high-quality, fire-resistant material, such as fiberglass.
    • Operating mechanism: The curtain should have a reliable and easy-to-use operating mechanism, such as an automatic gravity fail-safe system or a manual release option.
    • Compliance with regulations: The curtain should meet all relevant fire safety standards and building regulations.

    RAX Door: Your Trusted Manufacturer of Fire Curtains

    RAX Door is a leading manufacturer of fire curtains, offering a diverse range of high-quality products designed to meet the needs of wholesale buyers in various industries. Our commitment to innovation, safety, and reliability sets us apart from competitors, ensuring that our fire curtains provide the ultimate protection for life and property.

    RAX Door’s Unique Advantages

    When choosing RAX Door as your fire curtain supplier, you can expect:

    1. Industry-leading fire resistance: Our fire curtains are designed to meet or exceed international fire resistance standards, providing exceptional protection for a wide range of applications.
    2. State-of-the-art technology: We use advanced materials and manufacturing techniques to ensure our fire curtains deliver optimal performance, durability, and reliability.
    3. Customization options: Our extensive product range and customization options allow us to tailor solutions to meet your specific needs, ensuring a perfect fit for your project.
    4. Expert support and service: Our knowledgeable team is available to guide you through the selection, installation, and maintenance processes, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish.

    Trust RAX Door to provide the highest quality fire curtains for your wholesale needs, backed by our commitment to excellence in safety, performance, and customer satisfaction.


    What materials are used in the construction of fire curtains?

    Fire curtains are typically made from fire-resistant materials such as fiberglass, coated with heat-resistant coatings, or treated with fire-retardant chemicals to enhance their fire resistance.

    How do fire curtains operate?

    Fire curtains are usually installed within a compact housing and are designed to automatically deploy in the event of a fire, either through the activation of a fire alarm or by detecting heat or smoke. They can also be manually activated if necessary.

    Can fire curtains be integrated with existing fire safety systems?

    Yes, fire curtains can be easily integrated with existing fire alarm systems and other building management systems for seamless operation and coordination during a fire emergency.

    What is the lifespan of a fire curtain?

    The lifespan of a fire curtain depends on factors such as the quality of materials used, frequency of use, and adherence to proper maintenance practices. With proper care and maintenance, fire curtains can last for many years.

    How do I know if a fire curtain is compliant with fire safety regulations?

    Look for fire curtains that have been rigorously tested and certified by recognized organizations, such as UL, FM, or other regional accreditation bodies. Additionally, ensure that the selected curtain meets the required fire resistance rating for the specific application.

    Can fire curtains be used in residential buildings?

    Yes, fire curtains can be used in both residential and commercial buildings, providing an effective and aesthetically pleasing solution for compartmentalizing fires and preventing the spread of flames and smoke.

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